When I look...

When I look into the mirror, I see a mermaid wanting to fly.

When I look for comfort in my heart, I see a motherly woman holding a young girl close.

Are these sides of me?

Years ago I hated mirrors because I did not see anything half as beautiful as that mermaid in the mirror, or anyone who could have been as gentle as a mother in my heart.

This mermaid is not like most beautiful people, she is beautiful in her own way. There was something that simply shone through her from the heart no matter the facial expression she makes. The light she has within her never wavers.

It will continue to shine as long as she lives.

She has a great love for the sea and her family. The one thing she could not help but feel sad for is the fact that she did not have wings like them all. Therefore she could not fly in the sky. When she was younger, her brother and sisters would take her up high in the sky and show her the wonders of the world.

Because she was too heavy as she grew older, she used her memories of the sky and pretended to fly herself. While she minded not having wings, she was very happy to live in the sea because of her family. She was loved despite of her deformity; she was beautiful despite of being wingless. Most of all she chose to be happy and learns to accept herself for who she is despite the fact she would never fly in the high skies.

The mother-like woman in my heart looks like an older me... beautiful, confident and always there to give me comfort. She appears at my worst moments. I don't call her mother because though she's as loving as my own mother she isn't my mother. Instead I call her Teacher. Her name is teacher because outside of the home, it is the teachers who raise me and my peers.

By her side, is a smaller me, I call her Small One. She is my tears when I'm sad, when I'm afraid. When she cries, Teacher is always there to dry her tears. Teacher and Small One are very different but they have the same heart. They are both good and loving. Small One is childlike, Teacher is wise. Teacher often tells Small One never to give up in what she believes in, rather to give more when she feels like giving up.

On really dark days, Teacher just allows Small One to cry and says nothing.

Tell me, are these mirrors of myself?