I have recently put this story under some serious reconstruction because let's face it... it needs it. It was when I first started writing and I guess when I made this I just kind of slapped it on here without any serious changes. It's rushed and kind of falls flat on its face. The plot is twisted and just needed a little more details to make it... perfect. Although I still don't think it's perfect I'm replacing it and let all of you people tell me what to think.


The Mysterious Light

Nikki witnessed his mom's murder.

He was eight when it happened. He had gone shopping with her when a stranger approached her in the parking lot. Nikki never met the woman before but it became obvious his mother had as she left with her. Her last words to him were "Stay by the car Nikki." Needless to say, he hadn't and was forced to watch the stranger murder his mom.

But he soon learned that life moves on rather you want it to or not. He mourned, of course, with his dad but eventually the world came back and kicked his butt back into gear. He became more detached and distant from his dad which was his first mistake. His second mistake was thinking he could replace the woods outside their home for his mom. It's strange but he just feels at peace there, like he used to with his mom.

His dad hates the place but he didn't see anything wrong with his only son going out there- lots of kids play in the woods. Well, that was before Nikki's accident. He was comatose for several weeks and when he finally returned to the land of the living his dad had remarried, which is great if his new wife and Nikki's new step-mom wasn't the stranger that had killed his mom.

Now, he leaves every day in fear that Judy will kill his dad or him because the worst thing that could ever happen was to lose another family member. He became even more distant and what other people at school love to call emo. He never once cut himself but he dressed in all black and hardly ever smiles. His hair is naturally black and he has his mother's blue eyes. And he's not a social person. He's more of a loner with two true friends: Jamie and Malcolm, and he figured this is as great as life gets.

He was wrong and his life was about to change, forever.

It all started off normal enough though. He was sitting on a rock in the woods he's not allowed in but hey, what is dad doesn't know won't kill him. He was glaring at his reflection hating how much he looked like his mom. He misses her too much to be reminded of her every time he looks in a mirror.

"Nikki," a sweet voice that sounded suspiciously like his mom whispered in the wind, "Nikki, come closer. Let me hold you."

He no longer had any control over his muscles. He obeyed and fumbled into the icy water below him. It immediately shocked him out of his trance-like state. He climbed to shore before shaking his head like a wet dog. Water droplets flew from his hair before it all settled back in his face. He used his hands to brush the wet locks back behind his ears.

"Awesome," he murmured sarcastically, "Just what I need, another thing for Judy to drill me for."

Judy's his step-mom. He hates her, he really does, but keeps that to him because he's sure his dad would disown him in a second if her ever spoke a single nasty thing about her. If only he knew...

In Nikki's musing he somehow realized how let it truly was. Dad was probably getting off work about now and if he wasn't in his room by the time his dad got home he was in a world of trouble.

He stood but his exhaustion made him fall back down. He growled in frustration as he glared at his legs that somehow got cut when he fell.

"Stupid rocks," he grumbled to himself rising back up. He took a cautious step forward and just barely managed to catch himself before he fell again. "At this pace it'll take forever," he murmured.

Still, he's as stubborn as his dad, which is saying something and he just kept putting his left foot in front of his right then right foot in left before repeating until he arrived home. His house was tall and creepy looking if the full moon was out and the tree shadows danced on the side like they were tonight but he was so beyond creepy things it no longer bothered him.

His room was on the second floor and was connected to a small balcony. When he was younger he used to sneak out all the time and soon discovered an easy to the balcony on the wall. He only uses it though if the back door was locked, which it was. Taking a deep breath, he started climbing but his hands were wet and he kept slipping. By the time he finally managed to gather his weakened body on the stone floor he drifted off.

The impact woke him up.

It was loud and come from the woods. It was quickly followed by a blinding light that had him blinking in surprise. Downstairs he heard his dad suddenly moving towards his room.

"Great," he growled rising to his feet to meet his dad at the door.

"Nikki," Howard's thunderous voice shouted banging on the wood once he discovered his son's door was locked, "What did I say about locking your doors."

"Uh, sorry dad," Nikki apologized pressing his small body against the wood, "I don't like Judy going through my stuff during the day. How was work?"

"I'm not playing this game," he warned in his no-crap voice. Nikki's fingers brushed against the lock before he took a shuddering breath and flipped the switch. His dad barged in surprised.

"Hey dad," he murmured hoping he didn't look as bad as he felt. Apparently he didn't because his dad eyed him curiously before turning to leave. Howard was a big man with a short temper. Nikki inherited his cheek bones from him but that was it. The two couldn't be bigger opposites.

"You need to go to bed son," his dad informed him, "You have school in the morning."

"Sorry, the light woke me up," Nikki sort of lied. The light did wake him up.

Howard froze however and turned to face him again. Slowly he spoke, "Don't go out there searching for the ship. I'll do it in the morning."

Nikki nodded and his dad seemed content enough to leave it at that. He turned and was almost out the door when Nikki murmured, "Night Dad."

He froze, not turning around as he whispered, "Goodnight son," and then he was gone like every other night. Nikki watched and listened and waited until he heard the door shut. Then he moved.

He walked back to the balcony to climb down. He's not sure what brought him to do this- must be a rebellious teenage thing- but he knew what he was going to do no matter how crazy it was.

He was going to go investigate the mysterious ship- as his dad called it.

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