Last chapter.


What Happened That Unforgettable Night

Amber woke up to the smell of blueberry pancakes. Her stomach lurched and an image flooded her memory.

What happened when she was knocked unconscious? Was she even awake? Why was she on the couch?

She sat up rubbing her aching head and looked over at the other couch. Nikki was deeply sleeping and she wondered, yet again, what exactly happened.

She walked slowly to the kitchen where Howard was busy cooking pancakes. He noticed her walk in and offered her an ice pack.

"Thanks," she whispered setting the pack on her aching head.

"No problem," Howard replied returning back to the pancakes.

Amber sat down at the counter and allowed everything to slowly come to her. There was still one thing that bothered her.

"What exactly happened six years ago?" she asked, "You know, when Nikki's mom died. He kept saying he saw it and hated Judy but-"

"I'm not sure what exactly happened," Howard admitted, "All I know is that when I left for work Melina, Nikki's mother, was taking Nikki to the store. I got a call from work saying they just found my wife's dead body. I rushed over there and thought that one of my enemies killed my wife and took my son. Turned out Nikki was being watched by a nice check- out lady. I always wondered who killed my wife and I guess I found out it was my new wife."

"Bummer," she sympathized.

"Yeah," Nikki's voice sighed.

She twisted around to find her friend leaning against the door frame. She wondered how much he exactly heard.

"I guess I owe you both an explanation of what exactly happened," Nikki sighed, "I'll tell you if you just listen and no interruptions."

"Ah, Nikki, you don't have to do that," Amber sighed feeling slightly guilty. She could tell Howard was thinking the same thing.

"Yeah, I kinda do. You don't know what it's like to live six long years of the memory of my mom dying," he pressed sitting beside her, "Um, it was late and we were done shopping when a lady I later know as Judy stopped my mom. 'You know what you have to do,' Judy whispered to my mom and she just looked at me and nodded.

'Why don't you take the groceries to the car, Nikki?' mom asked handing me her bags. I nodded and headed for the car but I just set the groceries down and secretly followed mom and Judy.

They went through alleys and passed lots of people but when I was about to give up on following them Judy stuck a knife in mom. She looked at my eyes and I felt surprised. I think I was going in shock.

Thirty seconds later Judy left and I ran over to the store and asked them to call 911. They did and two or three people went to go see if they could help. They couldn't.

One decided to watch me till my dad got there and so I waited and waited. Eventually, he came and then it was two months ago when it got really strange.

I was walking in the woods when a shadow came up around me and pushed me to the ground. Something hit my head and I woke up to my dad married to a murderer!"

"Nikki, I'm-" Howard started but Nikki stopped him by raising his hand.

"You couldn't have known. I never talked about it."

Then it was quiet until the pancakes were ready.

"I hate to be the bearer of bad news but this war is not over yet," Amber pointed out when they all had a shower and sat down in the living room.

Howard sat on the couch with Nikki on his lap, which was strange. Maybe he was afraid of losing Nikki again.

"Oh right. We get rid of a psycho murderer and her insane husband only to be led back into one little problem," Nikki pouted glumly.

Amber shrugged and continued, "My dad wants to meet your dad and maybe he can convince him to call off the invasion."

"What invasion?" Howard asked clutching Nikki awkwardly.

"Amber's dad planned to destroy Earth-" Nikki started.

"Probably because of Judy," Amber quickly added.

"Right… anyways, that's why she's here. To plot on taking over GHOST and eventually the world."

"So, you were to stake out and destroy the only thing protecting Earth?" Howard clarified.

"GHOST, yeah," Amber agreed, "but I managed to convince dad to come and meet you and maybe, you can convince him not to destroy this planet."

"Me?" Howard asked in disbelief.

Amber nodded and Nikki smiled up in encouragement.

"When?" Howard rasped.

"Two weeks," Amber sighed and she knew what he was thinking.

We were all doom- or Earth is anyway.

The end?