The Sounds of darkness

It's dark.

So is everything that surrounds the woods. Only the moon that glimmers in the sky; casting shadows. I know they're out there stalking me, as I hear the sound of twigs snapping and leaves crunching. The sound is maddening, and on top of that my cell phone tells me it's 5:50 A.M.
Just ten more minutes and I would have made it. My mind is screaming please God please let this end, let this end. In my right hand I hold my flashlight, which to my horror is low on battires. in the other, I hold my video recorder. I turn the flashlight on to see my killers, as I turn it on I get an eye full: three wolves that are monstrous in size. They come at me slowly, a leisurely pace that said you can't get away from us now, their sickly yellow eyes glowing in triumph. I know they are relishing the look of terror in my face. My hands shake uncontrollably as the wolves get closer. All my friends are dead. Everyone has been killed off by these monsters.

I wish they would just kill me just put me out of my misery, but they won't. I know they won't.

I can see it in their eyes as they start to circle me. It's only a matter of time till they strike.

As they slow down, my whole body freezes and a single scream escapes my lips as the wolves pounce...