The world is a very cruel place. It harms us in every way possible.

Sometimes it pushes us so hard that we want to give up. But, there's always that bright-side of every wrong thing that happens to us. Each person has his or her own story. Some people think that everything is absolutely perfect. One day reality hits them in the face so hard, it nearly breaks them. Others realize from first sight that something isn't right. Each and every day they go through the torment of reality. Most people know that something isn't right, but try to ignore it for as long as they can. Soon, it all catches up with them.

Either way, we are all broken at one time or another. Some people though, have really good stories to go with it, and live long enough to tell the tale.

Auden awakes to the pounding rain outside her little house in the valley. For a moment, she thinks she heard her father outside her door, but decides he isn't. She lays in her bed for a few more minutes, keeping her body warm. Her alarm clock reads 7:00A.M. After a moment, Auden throws off her bed cover, and swing her feet around onto the carefully woven, handmade rug. She shivers at the coldness in the air. She goes over to her closet and slides on a navy blue t-shirt and a pair of slightly worn jeans. Looking at her reflection in the mirror, you could tell she had a bad night. Her long, chocolate brown hair is everywhere and her smoky blue eyes are slightly red.

Ever since Auden's mother died, she has been having nightmares about it. She died in a car accident. She and her mother where on their way to the store when it happened. It was winter, and the bridges were all icy. They slid off the bridge, and into the frozen, cold water. The car took a nose dive, and the impact had her mother dead in a minute.

Auden being only five at the time, opened her car door before it hit the ice, and jumped out. Being the light forty-five pounds, landed fine, without the ice breaking, but her ankle wasn't saved. It was twisted. Everything after that she couldn't remember. Just blurred thoughts. Seven years has passed, and she's now twelve.

She brushed through her hair and rubbed her eyes with her hands. She felt Rius's eyes on her from the doorway. That's what she has always called her father, Rius. Auden turns to look at him.

"Just making sure you're up. You normally like to sleep late when its raining,"

Rius says. He always knows what to say. Even when I'm mad at him(which is very, very rare). He walks over to her, and she wraps her arms around his torso. He rubs her back, while she buries her head into his shirt. "Come on. I have made pancakes."

He leads her into the kitchen where she take a seat at the table. The smell makes Auden's mouth water. It smelled likeā€¦ watermelon and strawberrys mixed together. She has experienced so many smells because each time Rius makes pancakes, he adds something special, like a fruit, spice, or a type of chocolate. She looks wantingly at the pancakes.

Rius takes the pancakes off of the pan, and on a plate. He fills half with pancakes and the other half with syrup and butter. He prances over to Auden and sets down the plate in front of her.

"Strawberrys and watermelon?" Auden asks. Rius nods his head at her then walks off to get his own plate.

Auden takes her fork and knife and begins cutting the pancakes. After a few minutes she has them completely devoured. Rius just walks in as she swallows the last bite. He smiles and shakes his head.