today i stood
in the exact spot
where we
first saw each other.

yesterday, i stood
in front of the house,
where you first took me
to the after game party.

the day before that, i sat
in the car where you first
taught me how it felt
to finally be free.

the day before that, i sat
in the coffee shop where
you saw a tear fall from my eyes
for the very first time.

the day before that, i stood
at the top of the hill
that you and i used to play on,
the hill where we would watch the stars.

the day before that, i walked by
your house, the first place
you ever held me in your arms,
and shushed my silent cries.

every day, i walk through
the room you and I shared,
the room we slept in,
the room that was not mine, but ours.

every day, i see the pictures
that you drew of me
while i was sleeping,
and your little note telling me you loved me.

every day, i walk by
your jacket, still on the couch,
the couch we watched movies on,
the couch we sat together on.

every day, i cry by
the seat on the couch
that was yours,
that you died on.

every day,
i remember.
dont you ever think
that i'll forget.

i cant.
your memory