The Fall Wolves.

As I look outside my window.

I see everything.


But, it's fall.

It's October.

I should be seeing different colors.

Not. Pure. White.

It scares me, what I see.

I'm not sure why.

It just fucking hurts.

Why is everything white?

Why is everything. Fucking. WHITE!?

I lay beside the window looking out.

It's a new day.


I smile gently and close my eyes

In the distance I hear a howl

My eyebrows twitch and I look outside.

A white wolf is staring back at me.

We stare it down

I smile and put my hand to the window

To my surprise he nuzzles it.

It's warm. Soft

The windows open?

When did that happen?

He jumps through. In my bed.

Stares down at me.

I'm not scared.

I'll never be scared.

You don't scare me.

But…you're white…

Why are you white?

I cry.

Why are you fucking white!?


I need the colors.

Yellow. Orange, Red, brown

Why white!?

I close my eyes

I shift and open them


Everything is black.

I've never gone back

I've never seen it.

The Fall Wolves.