Alice, Stay Home

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Part One

Dani cut deep in to the dead woman's abdominal area with a perfectly sharp knife. She had met the woman just hours ago, she couldn't remember this one's name, but she didn't really care either. This one may been as beautiful as the others, but nowhere near as satisfying. Looks were not the most important thing in a victim, Dani also loved certain personality traits. She like the young, shy and quiet ones that seemed completely lost in this world. The mere helplessness added to their beauty intensely.

She examined the entrails they were very lovely, she may not have been the helpless lost soul Dani liked, but the woman's beauty both inside and out could not be denied. Dani dropped the knife then her red eyes glowed as she let out her fangs, her fingers numbed at the release of her claws. She lowered her head and slowly licked the woman's ravaged breasts, her body shivered with pleasure at the taste of the blood. The demon then lifted her head slightly while she licked the red blood from her lips, she inserted her hand into the abdominal wound and began clawing at the entrails. Her breathing quickened as she felt the woman's insides and her head jerked back. Then she fell in to the woman's breasts and sunk her fangs in deeply.


The day soon wore on and Dani sat on the cold stone floor wiping away the blood that covered her face, the shirt she wore was heavily stained from blood both recent and old. She never cared much about her clothing or appearance but it was essential to blend in when stepping into the outside world, though she knew she had never completely done so. The best she could do was change her red eyes black, add layers to her torn and stained clothing but she still had her stringy matted hair and the many scars on her face that drew attention. The demon then shook her head, she didn't need to think about her looks. She was what she was.

Soon enough all the blood on her face was wiped off but she was not yet ready to get up. She sat and ran her fingers through the puddle of blood that formed on the ground. The beautiful liquid warmed her fingers and she couldn't help but lick some of it.

"Are you okay?" Dani looked over and saw Queen standing in the doorway, blessing her with a dark smile. "Do I not look okay?" Dani replied. Queen ignored the question and focused on the mutilated body that lay on the table, she stepped in to the room walking over to woman's remains.

"You didn't invite me to help you with this one." she said in mock sadness. Dani rolled her eyes and stood up from the floor, she was slightly taller than her fellow demon. Queen was very beautiful, one of the most beautiful creatures Dani had ever seen. Her eyes were like dark caverns, her hair long, black and silky, it shined under the bright light of the room, her breasts full and lovely. Despite her beauty Queen had a wickedness to her. One could tell by her smile and her voice.

"A lot of times I prefer to just be alone." Dani said.

Queen shrugged, "Not much left of her" She ran her hand through the shredded remains, she may be extremely beautiful but sometimes Dani found her presence irksome. She grabbed Queen by the arm and dug her claws in and quickly she bleed, "I think it's time you left" Queen tried pulling away but Dani held on tight.

"Then let me go." she hissed, she struggled even more in a mix of anger and helplessness. That rare show of being helplessness aroused Dani, she began to think maybe she didn't want Queen to leave. She then pulled Queen closer, her claws digging in deeper, almost to the bone, "Forget what I said, you can stay"

Queen's head jerked back and her fangs were released then she sunk her fangs deep in to Dani's bicep. Without even a wince of pain Dani yanked her head back hard by the hair and smiled at her. Queen looked at her and shrieked in rage but went silent when Dani shoved her lovely face in to the mess of gore that was spread across the metal table.

"Tell me, does that taste good?" Dani whispered in to her ear. After holding her down and rubbing her face in it for a few minutes, finally Dani pulled her head up and looked straight in to her eyes. Queen's beautiful face was covered with blood and chunks of flesh, she gasped for air looking in to Dani's eyes with lust and rage.

Dani leaned in and kissed Queen roughly on the lips. Both their mouths had the bitter taste of blood. She pulled away and saw that Queen was smiling, Dani smiled back and let go of her hair. Looking at her amazing body, she slipped her hand in to Queen's top and gently rubbed her soft and lovely breasts. Then with great compassion she began to lick the blood on her face away.

When Queen's face was licked clean she looked in to the vortex of the demon woman's black eyes. "You're top whole, you're too alive and much too cruel" Dani said with one last smile she left Queen alone in the bright room.


When the night came Dani lay in her large and filthy bed, her eyes were closed though she was not sleeping, instead she was thinking. She dwells within her own mind, she tried to think of Queen(a creature similar but less stronger than herself) as a true victim. Someone she could ravish but she couldn't see it, so that thought she eliminated completely.

Her mind went into blank as she tried to dwell deeper and suddenly her eyes flew open. The image of a young woman, naked and bond in chains, she was the most beautiful girl Dani had ever seen. The look of fear this girl had sent tremors of pain and pleasure throughout Dani's body. The image seemed so real but as she reached out she was unable to feel the girl.

The beauty of this girl was unbelievable, she would be more satisfying then any other girl if only Dani could have her. As the image of the perfect girl began to fade, she realized that the girl was out there waiting for her, somewhere. She stood up from the bed and thinking of the beautiful girl gave her intense shivers, her eyes began to glow. Her fangs and claws suddenly shot out and with an inhuman shriek her large bat-like wings tore through the skin of her back.

As her wings fluttered she walked to the window across from her bed and pushed it open, letting the cold breeze touch her. Dani closed her eyes for a moment and inhaled the air deeply she tasted the flesh of humans. A gleam in her eyes she flew off in to the night. The search would go on until morning.


In the early morning Alice sat on the porch steps under the warm sun. Her green eyes shined with the bright sun, she had just eaten her breakfast. It was her usual routine to eat breakfast then sit outside on the porch, whether the sun was out or not.

None of her neighbors were out this early, so the street was quiet. Alice sighed deeply as her jaw-length black hair blew in the wind. She was eighteen-years- old but looked a whole lot younger, she could maybe pass for thirteen if she wanted to. Looking young had its advantages and disadvantages but when it came down to it, she liked it. She guessed it was better to look younger than older.

Looking to the sky as she always did she observed the puffy shapeless clouds, the sun shining in the corner of her eye.


The morning was much more quiet than the night, Dani had flew restlessly though the dark until the morning had came. She still had yet to find the girl, though she had seen some girls whose beauty caught her eye they were still nothing compared to the flawless girl she had seen in her room. The search would still go on, deep in her heart Dani knew the girl was real and she was out there, waiting for her.

Her wings flapped beautifully with the wind as she searched the town from above with great intensity. Passing over the quiet morning the demon would stop dead in the air. Seeing the beauty on the porch was almost enough to knock her right out of the sky. Dani's eyesight was extraordinary, she could see from far distances very well. The young woman sitting on the porch looked around the age of fourteen, she was so different from the others. Her hair was dark like many of the other women Dani had before but her's was short and also unlike the others, her breasts were small.

All those features seemed insignificant, it was the eyes that really caught Dani's attention, their innocence, their emptiness, their gleam. They were what made her desire the girl so much, this truly was the girl she was searching for.


A large shadow cast over the sun from the corner of Alice's eye, a human-like figure was hovering in the sky, it's large wings moving slowly. Alice looked up in disbelief, was it an angel? she thought. Fear filled her as the shadow came closer. She then stood up, "Oh god, what is it?" she spoke quietly. Before she got up the steps it stopped. Her body and mind was filled with both fear and curiosity, she could not make out what the creature looked like. She could only see the red eyes that started to glow.

Her suddenly began to feel weightless she could not turn away from those red eyes. They were the most amazing thing she had ever seen, soon she felt herself being lifted and being pulled closer to the beautiful eyes. Was this an angel delivering her to heaven? The girl floated closer and closer until finally she could make out the face of her angel.