Part Two:

Dani had the girl in her arms and she stared up at the demon blankly. The demon had the ability to control the bodies of others and for obvious reasons it often came in handy. She made the victims want her, she sort of made them fall in love with her eyes, they were still capable of thought but they would be relaxed and willing to accept their fate. That was until Dani wanted to see their fear.

"Hello beautiful, what might your name be?" Dani said, staring in to those lovely innocent and blank eyes.

"Alice." the girl replied in a soft voice.

"That name sure fits you." Dani began stroking the girl's hair.

"Are you an angel?" Alice asked.

Dani laughed, "You can say that." she leaned in and lightly kissed the girl's soft lips. When pulling back she took a few moments to looking in to those entrancing eyes, then Dani pressed the girl to her breast and flew off.

By the time they got to the lair, Alice had fallen asleep in her arms. Which was a common thing with those she had under her control. The girl was very light but Dani decided to walk through the front door, when they were inside Queen was there waiting. Dani looked at the beautiful demon, holding Alice's limp body in her arms. Queen was naked and covered in fresh blood.

"Since you decided you didn't want me around, I found someone." Queen said as she observed both Dani and the girl. "He was a very nice young man."

Hearing her words Dani bared her teeth angrily, Queen was always trying to annoy her with her talk of men, she found the human female much more interesting and a lot more attractive than the male.

Queen smiled and her eyes locked on the unconscious girl, "She's very beautiful, Dani."

"Yes very beautiful...and she's all mine."

"Dani, you never share with me. Do you expect me to get angry?" she was obviously trying to hide some level of anger.

"Now I do so share with you at times. It's just you can become quite irksome." Dani smiled wickedly, "And besides a beauty like this is very rare."

Queen scowled and turned away, then walked angrily down the dark hallway. When she was completely out of view, Dani made her way to the brightest room in the building where she laid her victim on the metal table. She admired Alice's beauty even more and then leaned in and kissed the sleeping girl's forehead, "Yes, you are so lovely."

With a smile, Dani pulled off the girl's shirt and then yanked off her bra. Alice's breasts were very pale and small, blissfully the demon kissed each one. Dani then removed the girl's bottoms and then stood waiting patiently for Alice to awake.


In another room of the building Queen had gone for comfort from a different demon, Saucy Jack. His appearance was of a thin man with long red hair and dazzling blue eyes. He had a very calm voice, that Queen just loved. Saucy rarely talked to Dani, he secretly feared her. He knew that if he made the slightest mistake, Dani wouldn't hesitate to kill him. What made him different from Queen and Dani, was that he was no where near as cruel and sadistic as those two and he was somewhat proud of that.

He always tried to control his compulsion to kill, the urge to hold a human child in his arms and devour them afterwords. "Saucy, I fear Dani but I also sort of love her-" Queen started to say.

"Love her?! Queen let's be real, Dani can love no one unless they are on her table be tortured and mutilated." Saucy said, not as calm as usual. The mere thought of Dani loving someone that she would not kill seemed completely absurd to him.

"Well Saucy, Dani has hurt me many times...but that's sort of her own way of intimacy." Queen said in a rather sad voice, "And besides I didn't say she loved me back. It's just that it seems she doesn't want me around at all."

"Queen, in my opinion it will be better for you to just keep a distance from her." Saucy explained, "That's the only way to stay safe...Dani is very unpredictable and very deadly."

"Yes I know that but it's almost a turn on to think that she could kill me at any moment." Queen said with a weak smile.

Saucy sighed and looked up to the ceiling, he shuddered at the thought of those who died by Dani's hand.


Her vision was blurry when she first opened her eyes, but despite her vision Alice could make out the familiar face looking down at her. Her body felt weightless. She saw those red eyes that had fascinated her, lifting her hand she reached up to see if the woman was real. Alice soon knew that the woman was real, clearly living and clearly made of flesh. The coldness of the woman's flesh was chilling.

The face was so strangely familiar, but she couldn't remember where exactly she had seen it. "Finally you're awake." the woman said, smiling. She grabbed Alice's hand and moved it away from her scar covered face.

"W-who are you?" Alice asked weakly, her voice was softer than usual.

"My name's Dani, you must not remember...but I'm the angel."

Soon it all came back to her, she remembered being in the sky with the angel and being so drawn to her. Her vision was back to normal by now and she could clearly make out the face of the one called Dani. She never thought that this was what an angel would look like, it seemed impossible.

"No, you can't be an angel." the woman looked too sinister, she just couldn't be an angel.

"Well Alice, I don't think I'm an angel either," Dani said, "Most say I'm a demon, but honestly I'm not completely sure what I am exactly...I'm just here."

Alice turned her head away but Dani grabbed her by the chin and turned her right back to face her. The feeling in her body began to return and she realized that she was naked and she could feel how cold the room was. This was also when the fear came.

Dani had the girl's chin in a death grip, forcing Alice to face her. "I think it's better if you look at me." she explained.

Tears slowly began to drip from her dark eyes, "Please let me go...please..."

"You'll get a chance to leave...most of them do," Dani explained, "You'll get a chance to find your way out, but I should warn you, the doors are very tricky. What's behind them change's a lot"

Dani then forced Alice up from the table and snickered a little, "Okay beautiful, start running and try finding your way out..." she then licked the girl on the cheek causing her to shiver. "All be right behind you." she then walked to the door and pulled it open.

"Now go!"

Her body filled with fear, Alice ran out the door without looking back.

Dani watched the girl run out the room, she had made this building a sort of maze for humans. Behind each door were various and frightening illusions. It was basically designed so that they would never find their way out. The demon smiled and licked her lips, she left the room to go play with Alice.


When Queen left the room, Saucy Jack stepped outside of his room to stretch his legs a little. Standing outside the door he soon heard heavy panting coming towards him. With a sigh he shook his head, he could easily guess what it was. He began walking down the hall until he heard it get closer.

" me" a voice said and he turned around to see a beautiful young woman, naked and shaking with fear. She walked to him and grabbed on to his blue jacket her eyes desperate and so filled with fears, "Please tell me... how do I get out of here?" she asked frantically.

"I'm sorry, I can't tell you. You'd never be able to find it anyway."

"Yes I will, just tell me!" she begged. "She's coming after me."

Saucy sighed, "Oh yes she is, if you want my advice don't give her the thrill of the chase. Just give in easy, there is absulutely no way out for humans like you."

The girl's eyes flashed with anger, "There has to be!" she screamed. Shaking his head he pushed her away, hard enough that she fell to the floor. He turned away from her and disappeared in to the darkness of the hallway, not giving the girl another glance.


Alice watched the man leave and she began sobbing loudly, her tears flowing heavily. The long hallway seemed endless and it had so many doors. Wiping away some of her tears, Alice stood up from the ground and picked a door at random. Before she went in she looked to see if Dani was following her, but she saw nothing.

The room led to a stairway, she figured it was the way to a basement. Alice then ran down the steps as fast as she could and when she reached the bottom, her heart would sink. The room at the bottom was simply a large space that had even more doors.

She couldn't believe it, more doors?! The girl fell to her knees sobbing loudly but then a large wooden door caught her eye. It stood out from the other doors. Alice lifted herself up from the ground and began walking towards the door.

As she got closer a loud howling filled her ears, her body tensing up she slowly turned around. Behind her was a large white wolf, baring it's teeth. Fear quickly filled her body.

Suddenly Alice ran to the door, she pushed at it but it just wouldn't budge. "Oh god pl-" the wolf bit deep in to her leg, its bite was powerful. She could hear her bone crack as the creature bit down. The pain was so great..she never felt it before, she could almost vomit. But she finally managed to push the door open, not all the way but enough. Strangely as soon as the door was opened the wolf just disappeared.

Alice walked through the door limping painfully and when she saw what was in the room she screamed. This was a scream of anger, behind the door was nothing more than a large, empty room. Once again the girl fell to her knees, sobbing loudly in frustration and pain.

"What's a matter? Lost?" a voice said, she didn't recognize it, it certainly wasn't Dani's voice. It was an unfamiliar woman's voice speaking to her in a mocking tone. Alice began to crawl away, she only expected the worse from whoever it was. She couldn't find the strength to stand up.

She heard foot steps and then the woman stood in front of her, blocking her way. This was woman was defiantly not Dani, she was beautiful and far less terrifying. "You're beautiful." the woman said with a smirk.

"Please help me." Alice sobbed and clutched on to the woman's long skirt. The woman reached down and stroked the girl's cheek gently. "I'm a good friend of Dani's but it would be nice to have you all to myself."

From those words all her hope was shattered, this woman may differ in looks but she was just like Dani. The woman pushed Alice's hands away and began to kneel on to the ground. She stared deeply in to the girl's eyes. Her eyes seemed so wicked, they made Alice shiver. She was still crying helplessly.

"Please, just get me out of here."

For a moment the woman looked at the girl in silence and then suddenly she leaned in and kissed her. Alice quickly tried to pull back but the woman pushed hard on to the back of her head. Her sobs were muffled as the woman kissed her so passionately. And soon she felt a sharp pain in her bottom lip. Desperately her hand shot up and grabbed hold of the woman's hair and she pulled as hard as she could.

The woman pulled back almost instantly and Alice let go of her hair. She looked at Alice and the girl looked back at her in horror at those sharp fangs. A loud scream came as they sank deep into her bicep.


Dani knew where Alice was, she could hear her screaming. The screams of pain were usually a beautiful sound, but being that she was not the one causing them, they just made her angry. Someone was stealing her Alice and she knew it was Queen. She let out her fangs in anger and let out a scream of uncontrollable rage. Alice could still be heard, Dani began to breath heavily from rage.

She closed her eyes, she saw not blackness but red. The demon reached her hand to her face and dug her claws in to her left cheek, she dragged her claws down through the flesh and fresh blood leaked out. Dani's breathing became even heavier as she licked the blood from her fingertips and soon she began laughing.

The demon walked through the door and down the stairs where Alice's screams grew louder. She didn't know if she would kill Queen along with Alice. But the lovely Queen would be getting something.


Behind the closed door, Alice lay curled up on the floor, cowering as Queen was over top of her. Queen was naked from the waist up. "You'll be torn apart! Before she can even touch you!" Queen shouted, manically as she clawed furiously at Alice's flesh.

Alice screamed, the claws were unbelievable sharp, a shock of pain came with each strike. She closed her eyes tightly, trying to block out the pain and suddenly the strikes stopped. Although they stopped Alice still kept her eyes shut, her body shivering underneath the woman.

Queen raised her arms, her breasts were splattered with blood. A feeling of triumph came over her body, Alice was hers. She was the one enjoying Alice, not Dani. All Dani would have was whatever was left of the girl. Queen knew that Dani would be furious, but she didn't care. She never believed Dani would actually kill her no matter what Saucy said. She might get hurt a lot, but she didn't really mind that.

She grabbed the back of Alice's head and forced her to sit up. "I think you need to clean your mess up" she moved the girl's face to her breasts. "Now, lick me clean!"

In tears, Alice licked her blood from the woman's breasts. The blood was a bitter taste, that made her lips quiver. Alice licking her breasts caused Queen to tremble in pleasure. This helpless girl was her's and only her's.

Queen would soon turn to find Dani coming through the large door. She pushed Alice away and quickly stood up. "So you've finally showed up." she said mockingly. Alice laid by her feet whimpering like a child. And for once she truly felt dominate over Dani. She had stole the stronger demon's victim and caused the suffering.

"You've gone too far this time." Dani said.

"Oh have I? You just can't face the fact that I don't fear you Dani and that you can't control me." Queen cried.

Dani flinched in anger, "Can't control you? You're nothing without me-"

"Lets not go there Dani!" Queen shouted, "You're not the reason for my existence, you didn't have to take me in."

"But I did and you will obey." Dani lunged towards Queen and seized her by her long hair and threw her to the ground.


Looking down at Alice, Dani knew the girl would probably die, many of her wounds were deep. And of course she was losing a lot of blood. "Can't let you go to waste." Dani said. Queen sat on the ground in anger waiting for her next move but right now her attention was on Alice.

Dani's eyes began to glow and Alice floated up from the ground and almost instantly chains came down from the ceiling. The chains wrapped around her arms and Alice began screaming. She hung from the ceiling helpless as her blood dripped down like rain. It was really a beautiful sight.

Finally, Dani turned to Queen who was smiling. Dani grabbed her by the arm and pulled her up from the ground, "Stop smiling!" she shouted. Queen tried slashed at her face, missing her eye by an inch. Dani slammed her against a nearby wall. In her rage she jammed her hand right through Queen's body.

Queen gasped and looked down, Dani's hand had pierced through her stomach. "D-dani, I guess this is it and I want you to know I love you. It's a shame you never loved me." Queen said, putting on one last smile. Dani was shocked at the power of those words. She pulled out her hand, it dripped with Queen's dark blood.

The demon looked in to Queen's eyes, "You're right this is it. I can't say it was love, but I did care for you." Dani then pushed her bloodied hand though Queen's chest, wrapping her hand around her still beating heart. She easily ripped it out of Queen's lovely body and instantly her fellow demon's eyes went lifeless and her body fell to the ground.

The heart still beat slightly in Dani's hand as if Queen was showing her a last trace of life. But soon the heart did stop beating and then she sunk her teeth deep into the organ. This was how she would remember Queen and how she would have her with her at all times. She bit and bit again until there was nothing but blood in her hand. Taking a deep breath she turned away and went back to Alice.

The girl was only slightly alive and still beautiful. Dani touched Alice's cheek soothingly but then pulled her hand away. This was the girl who had divided her and Queen. No matter how beautiful Alice was, it was best to let her go. Dani then left the room without giving the girl a second look, she would keep it all behind this door.