Chapter 1

Delilah stood on the roof of the west Edmonton mall, watching the night life below her. Her long purple hair stirred softly in the wind and her onyx eyes flashed with amusement as her tail swayed in a manner that projected calm.

"You're late." She told the girl who had just joined her on the roof.

"Sorry had to get away from my boyfriend." Nessiam looked up at Delilah. "He wouldn't let go of me. He's with his sister now though." She sat down, letting her legs dangle from the roof. "So what's the plan again?" Her ears perked up and her fox tail draped itself around her.

Delilah sat beside Nessima, "Well, we know that someone in the mall is holding about one million from his own personal stash of drugs to secretly give to all we know, so it's going to be a long night."

"Damn." Nessima sighed. "Should we get back up?" She looked up at Delilah.

Delilah shook her head. "Nawh, we got this."

Nessima snickered. "You sure?"

The other girl nodded, and they went inside the mall.

A/N: Been a while. This is co authered by: Huntress In The Night