Chapter 4

Delilah lain in bed, wincing every so often. Once Xepher said that he discovered another, everything had gone silent.

The door opened and there stood a girl close to her height with raspberry coloured hair that had an ugly mustard colour bow and piercing moss green eyes.

Delilah was already bitter from the argument outside her door, so she was really sour to the new girl, "So... you're the new one, huh?"

Rena rolled her eyes. "I get that a lot. Yes. I am the new girl." She laughed. "Rena, can transform into a wolf whenever i want." She flopped down on the other bed. "Xepher is pretty fuckin' hot. I'd like to tap that."

Delilah gritted her teeth. "He's taken. Not by me, but by me, but someone else. I'm Delilah by the way."

"Damn. That's lame. Is she like hot?" Rena looked over at Delilah. "And what's her name? I'd like to know this."

Delilah sighed. "Nessima, and I guess could be considered hot but she's a newbie, he's probably only pity dating her." She sighed unhappily, "But I highly doubt it."

Rena thought for a second. "Nessima. She's the girl that came with him." She grunted. "She is pretty hot. Damn now I'm jealous. What powers do you have?"

Delilah sat up, wincing as she did, "Fire and shadow. One of the scariest combos know to us."

"Hot damn."