A man, who we shall call Rod, because I'm not particularily good at naming characters, woke up in a room, a room of assorted shades of white and gray. On the ceiling, he saw a speaker.

"Where... Where am I?" Rod asked... Okay, I have no idea who he's expecting to here this.

"You, sir, are in the Death Centre!" A British-sounding man, who you may call Hall ("Thank you!") Said from the speaker, "I'd like to welcome you here! You can call me... Friend!"

"Wh... Why do they call it the 'Death Center?'" Rod replied, obviously losing his ability to infer from the very effective way he got to the room: getting hit over the head with a blunt object!

"Well, we DO have an unfortunately embarassing amount of deaths here..." Hall muttered.

"Like, how many?"

"... No more than five hundred..." Hall told Rod hurriedly, "On a different subject, please go through that door!"

"What door?" Rod asked, looking around the room.

"That one, over there!" Hall said as a door opened from nowhere on the other side of the room, "You'll have to pay lots more attention if you want to survive!"

Rod gulped nervously, and proceeded through the door, coming into a room, identical to the last, except for a strip of stagnant lava in the middle of the room. After that is an exit.

"This is your first test!" Hall told Rod, "Now, most people survive this, seeing as it's just a small sample, or 'tutorial', of what you will be seeing on your attempt to leave with your life! So, go ahead, and take that leap of faith, past the lava! Fun fact, we collect the lava with these containers made from-" Hall paused, then sighed.

"Oh my god, you didn't even survive the first room! My god, you kind of suck... This is what we get for selecting twelve year olds... Now, off to get my blunt object for our next 'participant!"

Several hours later, a man named Jake woke up in a room, a room of assorted shades of white and gray...

That was a small prequel to a game I am developing, also called Death Centre! All reviews will be replied, in character, as Hall. Thanks for reading!