Pulling into the driveway, Jennifer glanced at the time. 6:32 pm. She parked her car and sat back in the seat, exhaling a breath she didn't know she was holding. She caught sight of herself in the mirror, and winced. Her brown hair was wild, and she looked beat down, dark circles rimmed her eyes. It had been a long, hard day at work today. She could almost fall asleep where she sat.

Jennifer noticed lights on inside and she got out of the car, heading into the house. She made it in the doorway and she could smell dinner cooking. She went into the kitchen and noticed there were only three kitchen chairs. "John, where's our fourth kitchen chair?" she asked her boyfriend.

John turned around and kissed her on the lips. "Dinner's ready," he made her a plate of spaghetti and handed it to her.

"Oh, thank you," Jennifer said, surprised, taking a seat at the table. She glanced up at him. He was still as cute as the day she met him, with his dark hair and blue eyes. "I had a hard day at work today…"

"I can tell by looking at you," John took a seat at the table. Jennifer glanced at the missing chair. John didn't seem to acknowledge it. "You work so hard, Jen. I wish you could find a better job…"

"Still looking… I can't get away from the one I have long enough to get a new one," Jennifer sighed, rubbing her neck. She looked back down at the spaghetti, sighing as she twirled it on her fork. "John, I'm exhausted."

John came around behind her, kissing her neck. "You're home now… just relax. Don't think about it. Get something to eat, take a long bath, and go to bed. You have work again at the crack of the morning, right? I'll look around to see if I can find you some applications tomorrow once I get off work."

Jennifer sighed. "Yeah, I do. Thanks, John. You're so sweet. I don't know how I'd get through this without you."

John rubbed her shoulders a moment before taking a seat at the table. "You'd probably be with someone better."

Jennifer half-smiled. "That's not true."

They bantered about it over their meal and he finished his plate and he got to his feet, kissing her on the forehead. "I'll clean up here, you go on,"

"John, you're my lifesaver, you know that?" Jennifer told him, getting to her feet.

"Love you, Jen," he answered, gathering up the plates.

Jen went into their room to grab her clothes and she noticed the kitchen chair. It puzzled her. She grabbed her clothes and went back into the kitchen. "John, why is the kitchen chair in the bedroom?"

He glanced at her, before winking. Jennifer shook her head. She was too tired to laugh but she definitely was amused by it. She went on to the bathroom and took a long bath, washing up. She went to bed after that, only to get up a few moments later. She stood in the kitchen, looking up at John. "I… I can't sleep. Come to bed."

John immediately abandoned the pot he was washing and followed her to bed, climbing in with her. "I still have some work to do, so I can't sleep yet."

"Do it in the morning," Jennifer begged, wrapping her arms around him.

John smiled a bit. "You work too hard, Jen…" he wrapped his arms around her and held her as she fell asleep.

The next evening, Jennifer came into the house and they ate dinner straight off the bat first. "I'm sorry that you have to take care of me like this," Jennifer shook her head. "… I'm not becoming a burden to you, am I, John?"

"Of course you're not becoming a burden," John frowned.

"You cook for me, you clean the house, and I don't even have enough energy to have sex with you… I just hope that…" Jennifer hesitated.

"Jen, I am not going to find someone else. I love you," John said, insistently.

Jennifer got to her feet, kissing him on the lips. "I know. I love you too. Sorry to be a burden,"

Entering the bedroom, she saw her sexiest shoes on the chair now, along with a wrapped present, and a note that said, "Don't Touch." Jennifer's interest was piqued now. John was planning something for her, something sexy. The next day off she had was Saturday… Whatever he was planning, it was going to be on Saturday.

She took her bath and got out of the tub, putting her clothes on. She went to the kitchen and leaned on the counter. "John?"

He turned to look at her. "Hm?"

"Do you want to… play around a little bit tonight?" Jennifer asked, hopefully. I have to keep him satisfied or I'll lose him. I can't lose John, so even if I'm tired…

John walked over to her, wrapping his arms around her. "It can wait, Jen," he kissed her on the lips. "You're exhausted right now. As it stands, you can barely keep your eyes open,"

"But John, I want to," Jennifer said, sleepily.

John picked her up and carried her to bed, lying her in it, and climbing in with her. "Go to sleep, Jen."

The routine happened night after night. She came home, had a nice pleasant dinner with John, and there was something new on the chair. The next night was a garter belt and stockings, the night after a sexy skirt. The night after was a blouse and it was driving Jennifer crazy. What was John planning? When she asked him, he just pretended like he couldn't hear her.

On Friday night, Jennifer stared at the blouse, wondering what it all meant. Were they going on a date? She walked back into the living room where John was watching TV. She climbed into his lap, wrapping her arms around his neck and snuggling with him.

"John, are we going on a date tomorrow?" she asked, in an eager voice. He wrapped his arms around her, lowering his head to kiss her. He didn't answer her question. "Do you want to have sex tonight?"

He shook his head, kissing her again. His kiss was slow and meaningful. "You're no less tired tonight than you are any other day of the week. You should get some sleep."

"But we never get to spend time together," Jennifer said, in a sad tone.

"I got those applications filled out for you, you just need to sign them and I'll turn them in. You have to be willing to take time off to go do the interviews though, Jen," John told her.

"You filled them out for me?" she asked, in a low voice.

"I knew you'd be too busy," John nodded.

"You're too sweet," Jennifer closed her eyes. "Really, you are perfect, John…"

John kissed her forehead. "Skitter on into bed, Jen."

Jennifer made a face at him. "Stop being my mom, John."

John grinned. "Tomorrow, we'll spend time together, okay, Jen?"

Jennifer straightened up. "Okay, John!" she was excited. She finally got something out of him. She kissed him on the lips a third time before going into their bedroom to sleep.

The next day, Jennifer woke up late, and she stretched. It was really nice to sleep in, she realized. John brought her breakfast, and she realized it was closer to lunch. "John, you made me breakfast even? You're so sweet…" Jennifer sighed.

John nodded, going back into the kitchen.

Jennifer looked over at the chair. She was excited to see what he had planned. All day today she would be thinking about it, and trying to figure out what he was planning… She ate her breakfast and took another long bath. She caught up with John in the kitchen and she wrapped her arms around his neck. "I want to know what you're planning…"

"You'll have to be a good girl and wait," he turned to face her, putting his hands on his hips.

"I can't stand this teasing," Jennifer sighed, dramatically.

"You'll have to," he teased.

Jennifer sighed. "Well, I have some errands to run… it'll probably look best if I turn in those applications, right?"

John took her hand. "Want me to drive you?"

"Sure, drive me," Jennifer headed to the car, taking a seat in the passenger's side. They drove around town, turning in the applications. She noticed the time. 5pm… they got back home and John turned to her.

"Jen, will you go put those clothes on that I bought? Don't open the present yet," he took her hand. "Take a seat on the chair when you've got them on, and I'll be in."

Jennifer eagerly got out of the car and went inside to put the clothes on. He followed her in a few moments later.

He entered the bedroom and she was sitting on the chair like he'd said. She seemed excited. "You look cute in all of that. Open the present," he told her.

Jen opened the present, and she was blown away. It was a beautiful sterling silver bracelet, with inlaid crystals. "It's beautiful, John," Jennifer said, in a low voice. She was tearing up. She went to put it on, and he stopped her.

"Don't put it on yet." He took the box from her, setting it on the floor next to her. He put his hand on her knee, sliding it up her thigh. Her breath caught as he spread her legs.

He ran his tongue up her thigh and she watched him with an eager eye. He glanced up at her before moving his tongue to her most sensitive area. Jennifer gasped, closing her eyes tight. "N- no… John, I should… I should take care of you, you're always…" her eyebrows knit. "Always… ahh," she paused, trying to collect herself.

John removed his tongue and slipped a finger inside, teasing her slowly. "Jen, just relax and enjoy it," he grinned.

He continued teasing Jen in this way for a few moments, before he backed up. "Alright, Jen, stand up."

Jennifer opened her eyes, they were glossy. "O… okay," she stood up. John directed her to turn and face the chair and bend over, with her arms lying flat on the seat. He straightened her legs out.

"Perfect, Jen," he inserted a few fingers playfully and Jen cried out in surprise. John removed his pants, gently gripping her hips. He slid inside her, and Jen gasped harder than John had ever heard her before. He knew then that she figured out what this strange position did. He started moving in and out of her, and he was pleased to hear how loud she was being. She was unable to keep silent, as the tip of him brushed over her g-spot over and over again. Jen was gasping and crying out. He began to move faster and it wasn't too long before Jen came, crying out loudly. John heard her low moan a moment later, and he knew she was ready again. His other hand wrapped around, stroking her in the front. He reached up and squeezed her breast with his other hand, keeping up his steady movement.

They continued this way for a few moments before Jen was pushed over the edge a second time, this time John ready as well. He came gripping the chair a bit for support. He leaned over her, resting his chest against her back. He reached up and brushed some of the hair out of her panting face. "So… dinner?" he asked her, breathlessly. "You hungry?"

Jennifer laughed out of surprise. "John, you're… you're incredible," she said, equally out of breath. "Next time, I'm going to take care of you… you're always taking care of me," she turned around to face him, and he kissed her.

"That's what I'm here for," he told her. "I love you, Jen,"

Jennifer looked up at him, resting her forehead against his. "I love you too, John."