"Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened."

~ Dr. Seuss

Have you ever
Gazed at the setting sun?

Have you ever
Wondered about the stars?

What would you feel
If suddenly He reveals
They were gone?

It's been three weeks
And I still don't feel it;

Perhaps when I visit
I will understand.

But here and now,
I can't imagine how
She can be gone.

To say it's surreal
Would be the truth.

To say I am surprised
Would be a lie.

But when that last goodbye
Was as empty as the sky,
I thought it may be the last.

I am second to last
To get to meet you.

All my cousins
Have known you longer.

But when I imagine serenity,
I think of your identity
For you're inseparable from me.

A tree does not grow
Strong without a trunk.

Nor does a building rise
Without a cornerstone.

You are the sturdy base
Of which we openly embrace,
Holding our family together as one.

When I think of grassy fields
Undulating in the wind

Or cold water creeks
Shimmering in the sun,

I see you, with your crazed
White hair, walking dazed
In the pastures of cows.

When I look upon
Rolling hills

Or smell the fresh
Evergreen pines,

I can still see your little, white car
Chugging along from afar,
Brilliant white against the green.

Sometimes you got angry
Because you were feeling rushed.

Sometimes you felt lonely
Because we weren't there.

No matter what your mood
Or if I truly understood,
You were and are my Grandma.

I have not cried, nor will I
Until I see your empty house.

But when the time comes,
I may just smile.

Now it's goodbye,
But how lucky am I
As I had the chance to meet you!