To Whom It May Concern,

"No that doesn't work well."

To Those Who Do Not Respect Me,

"No, it's just her."

To Bitch,

I know you do not respect me. I sincerely wish that you have the common courtesy, to tell me in advance. Instead of me, coming home late at night from class, the first thing you say. "Did you park right behind me?" Instead of the hellos that the other roommates were kind enough to say. I wish you had the courtesy to at least text me that !. To move my car before I have to come 4 flights up and then back down to move it. 2. Your boyfriend is visiting. Another thing, please shut your damn mouth for once of your life. It's annoying how you constantly speak and give people a dirty look if they try to have a turn speaking. It's also annoying how you sing to every damn song on your laptop/Ipod playing. It would also be nice, if you turn down the volume on everything you do. It's completely irritating. You even treat me differently than the other two roommates. Everything you say too me is short and plain rude and mean, which I find kind of funny, since you were bitching about how everybody else is rude too. When I first met you, you complained about nearly everything, from your ex-roommates leaving you to duties that we had to do. You don't even follow those rules, you just make people do whatever the hell you want or else you ostracize people. Take the trash, my job. Clean the dishes, my job. Any other things, oh hold just a second, there are NONE! Everywhere you go is a giant wasteland of trash. No wonder your ex-roommates left you! Also when people are speaking, please shut up! or at least whisper for about an hour so people can sleep in peace.

Sincerely, your roommate: Barbara.

She stares at her laptop, with simmering anger. Then she worries and stresses, she deletes the whole and starts again.

To Who It May Concern...