it hit me today full-force
weights of lead sinking into my chest
setting all my nerve endings on fire
in every single shuddering limb,
all two hundred and six

you will grow tired of me eventually

whiplash from the absence of your caresses
watercolor tears make their way down my body
reminding me how achromatic my world will be
when you leave

even though salty skin drips of familiarity,
its comfort cannot replace you

i'm still clutching to manufactured fairytales
that sizzle in the summer heat and
do nothing but contuse corrode contort
my brittle heart into a deformity

but what else is there to believe in?
the cracks in my ribs remind me
to place my faith instead in
smothered flames and darkness and remorse
I hate how cracks always remind me of you.

dreams are most beautiful
when they are broken
because that is when they become real

goodbyes should just be left unsaid
we are more collapsible than we think

the tick of the clock serves no other purpose than to
demonstrate your demagnetizing
from my white knuckles that
are torn between letting you go
and gripping to our coalescence
until i realize i don't really have a say in the matter

everyone and everything i love
is made of porcelain, ready to be shattered
time is borrowed loose change,
and i've already asked for too much

and so i swallow a thousand moons
sweep away the broken glass by my feet
suffocate the butterflies in my stomach

you deserve so much better than me

i love(d) you,
but happiness is fleeting
and hearts slowly stop pulsating