I don't remember much about that night really. I do however remember been laid on my back barely able to open my eyes. As I lay on what was the most uncomfortable of beds I kept trying to muster the energy to open my eyes, I couldn't help but think about my life and how pointless it had been. I finally managed to open my eyes enough so I could see the many men and women running around in white coats inside the confines of four bright white walls. I don't understand why they're running around it's not like I didn't want to be in this position. No one forced me to do what I've done. The men and women kept on shouting something at me, I'd try and answer them but the long pipe down my throat helping me breath prevented me from making any sound other then gargling. I grew weaker by the second when finally I decided I'd have enough, I was sleepy and I think my body just wanted to shut down. I had succeeded finally.

It seemed like no time had passed at all when I eventually opened my eyes. I was expecting to see the pearly gates of heaven or something similar. I couldn't believe my eyes when my blurred vision hit the stern face of my sister. My eyes focused more as my gaze watched over her in silence. I couldn't help but think to myself 'Well she got all the good looks in this family'. She was staring at me through her green eyes, her pale but delectate skin was glistening with the help of the sun gleaming in through the nearby window. I loved my younger sister, she was two years younger than me and I've only just had my eighteenth birthday. I continued to look on as she said nothing. I was feeling bad as her usual smile had gone and replaced with the blank look of sheer disappointment. I've upset her and that look is starting to make me feel very uneasy, I miss her smile. The room was slowly filled with the sound of a nurse scurrying in and checking on the papers at the foot of my bed, she offered me a small glance and a smile before seeing my sister and turning on her heels and leaving as if her life depended on it. Wait, a hospital. I was still here? For a moment I try to recall the past events but they're not there. I feel as if my memory was wiped while I slept. What did I do to put me in here? I couldn't ask my sister but I had a feeling it had something to do with why her smile was absent off of her face. I pushed myself up from being laid on my back attempting to sit up. As I do my arms keep feeling like they will give way any moment but I manage it pressing my back against the hard steel of the bed frame. The blue gown I'm wearing offers no protection from its icy cold feel as it sends a shiver down my spine. Again I just continue to watch my sister watch me; it feels like a horror movie. You know the part where the two victims sit in silence looking at each other? As they start feeling safe, the murderer - who is often using an un-fashioned but trademarked tool to kill - would come up behind me and rip my heart out. If Elisha's looks could kill me I would more likely be a bloody mess of a corpse laid in some undignified way to show off my lack of assets. I can't speak, I try but my voice appears broken and all that comes out is a fit of coughing. Placing my hand over my mouth I look again to my sister who is as silent as ever and now looking at me with her arms across her chest as if she was going to speak. I will try to speak her, this silence is hurting me but I'm at fault at what to say so I stay silent. Eventually she does start to speak, Thank you Elisha.

"Why B?" B was Elisha's nickname for me and it made me smile inside that she was still using it but her voice showed obvious concern, I'm lost for words and try to think of what to say but thankfully she continues "You always talked about doing this but I never thought you'd do it". I remember now, the image of an empty medicine box and that empty vodka bottle filled my head. I remember why I'm here but I don't want to speak about it. "How's the gymnastics going?" I manage to croak out. That will work my sister Elisha was one of the best gymnasts around, they tipped her for gold in the Olympics but she refused to take part despite my interjections. I don't think the change of subject worked as Elisha just continued to stare at me in silence. I don't know how to respond. I know it's my turn, it will always be my turn for now but what can I do? It hit me then I know. "I'm sorry, forgive me" that was all I could think of, I knew it wasn't much but the reaction I got was unexpected. A tear rolled down Elisha's left cheek before she jumped out of her seat and onto the bed burying her head into my shoulder and wrapping her arm around me. She was sixteen but she was never too old to embrace the sisterly bond we shared. She didn't say much after that but the embrace said enough to me. I'd disappointed her and I needed to make it up.

The embrace was nice it lasted a long while but I knew it had to end and I knew that I was the one that had to end it. As I brushed my right hand through Elisha's brown hair I couldn't help but smile again. She was the one thing I'd do anything for. I hushed her as she gripped tighter as if I was going somewhere and she was keeping me here. I had to say something "I'm sorry 'lisha, I'd do anything to make it up I promise". She didn't respond for a while but kept on holding me. I felt like her mother, well I had to be growing up. Our own mother died when I was three in a car accident and caused my father to turn to drink. It was one of the hardest times in my life, being three at the time I didn't realise the impact it had on me but looking back now it shaped my future as a motherly figure. After all how many five year olds can change diapers and was already learning to cook.

The day continued to pass with Elisha not saying much she did start to smile again as she checked up on me every now and again. I felt better like I had been given a second chance and I didn't want to waste this. It was because of this my life was about to change. Elisha was sat on the bed beside me watching the crude but expensive pay as you watch television perched over it on some strange device when a program I hadn't seen for a while came on. Psycho Xtreme Wrestling or PXW as it was also known. It was my Uncle Frank's employees as such. Our Uncle was a professional wrestler and I would have said he helped the most while father was drinking bottles of whiskey like water and then throwing them up afterwards just so he could drink more. He'd often take us with him on tour and we'd hang around backstage with the other wrestlers and then take our seats ringside while he battled. When I was around twelve years old my Uncle started to teach me how to defend myself in the wrestling ring. He felt it was his way of helping me defend off attackers in nightclubs when I hit eighteen I guess. I learnt a lot from him in fact at one point I considered asking to join him in the ring just for the thrill of it but thought better of it. I knew it was mainly all fake and that it was mainly an entertainment show but I'd still see my uncle cut himself with razors and come back with broken bones and this put me off, well only a little. Elisha's eyes were also glued onto the television she loved wrestling for the gymnastic style; I believed they called it the highflying luchador style. I had been that interested when I was younger that I looked into the wrestling style a little too much at times and it's the one I practiced most. After all I wasn't the strongest of women. My skinny frame and lack of height meant I really didn't have what it took to be picking up fully grown men and women in a ring. We carried on watching together when Elisha slipped back into my arms and rested her head on my shoulder before she whispered to me "You should do that B". I should do what? Wrestle. As I said I considered it when I was younger but that was all dreams and fantasy, I mean I put it down being around them men every day that it corrupted my dreams of becoming a princess like other girls. It took a while to respond to the question because as if Elisha knew what was going to happen my Uncle appeared on the screen. He walked down to the ring and I couldn't help but picture myself doing that, all those fans cheering for just me. "I'll think about it" is all I could say to Elisha after we both watched our Uncle defeat a monstrous giant called Talon. We spent the rest of that night talking about nonsense sisters do, you know boys, shopping and where is the best place to get your nails done. I could never believe how close we both where and spending time with her always felt like I was with my best friend. The time came to depart and her last words to me before walking out the door were "Think about the wrestling B, You'd be good at it and it'll keep you occupied."

A few days came and went and I remained in the hospital bed with the doctors and nurses refusing to let me leave until they were sure I wouldn't repeat what I did. All I could do was watch television and think, a lot of my thoughts were of my crying bank balance however, as the television seemed to eat at my savings but the other percentage was on those words Elisha last spoke to me. She did however come and see me from time to time with her school timetable permitting; I wouldn't allow her to miss any school as it was important. She needed the education I didn't get so I always insisted she went. That gave me the time to think. Every now and again a trained councillor would come and talk to me, they'd look into my blue eyes as if peering into my very soul only to get the same answer every time, I'm fine can I leave now. Of course they refused and I remained. It was a strange Saturday when they eventually came in to talk to me; I'd grown quite close to one of the younger female ones but didn't really want to know her name. I got talking to her and began to tell her I'd made my mind up about my future and where it lay. She was shocked when I told her it was with Elisha and my Uncle and I wanted to go into the wrestling business but as often councillors are she was supportive of the idea. After yet another rejection to be let out of this hospital room I laid my head down on the hard pillow laid on my side with my back to the door looking out the window watching the world pass before drifting into a dreamless sleep.

I awoke yawning and stretching. I opened my eyes only to jump out of my skin at a figure sat on the edge of my bed. The long brown hair of the figure covered his shoulders, his muscular upper body covered with a well worn red and blue shirt and a pair of light blue jeans hid his lower body. He was obviously male and he was looking at me with brown wide eyes and a smile on his face. "Uncle Frank" I muttered with a smile on my own face.

"Now then kidda" He eventually says slapping my left leg lightly in a way of greeting me. "We gotta get you packed up kidda, time to leave"

Leave? I was being let out of this hospital room finally. I looked over the friendly face of my Uncle as he got up and picked something up from the chair and tossed them onto the bed. Taking hold of the items I look them over. A black Frank Wire T-Shirt from Psycho Xtreme Wrestling's gift shop and a pair of baggy blue jeans. My uncle knew how I liked to dress, I wasn't one for pretty dresses and make up, good old fashion tom boy is what he called me. Well my uncle left the room so I was able to get dressed. I packed up my small selection of get well cards which I gave an ironic laugh to, get well? There was nothing wrong with me. I made a mistake and I lived with the consequences. My Uncle was waiting outside the room when I finally had all of my items together. We walked off down the corridor of the hospital when he put his arm around my shoulders and began to speak to me.

"How you holding up kidda?" He said smiling, he reminded me of Elisha always smiling.

"I've been better, " I replied trying to return the smile only coughing up a weak one sided version instead "How come I can leave?"

"I spoke to Elisha and she told me what had been happening" His grip around my shoulder became tighter as he spoke. "Of course she couldn't tell me why it was happening that's all in that old noggin of yours but what she did say is that you wanted to join me in the wrestling business and, well I won't lie but it makes me proud of you more."
"Proud?" I asked but didn't know if I wanted an answer at the moment as I'd already asked a question I'm still waiting on being answered "But that doesn't explain why I can leave"

"It's because kidda I told them posh snobby people who have more paper certificates then skills that I'd look after you" He smiled once more and I could only in turn smile back "So I said I'd be looking after you and your sister and they agreed to let you go as the pressure will now be off you."

"You mean?" I didn't quite know what I was saying so I stopped mid sentence causing my Uncle to laugh and remove his hand from his shoulder and ruffle my long blonde hair.

"Whatever you wanted to say Kidda I'm sure it can wait" He replied placing his hand again around my shoulders "We need to get you packed"

"Packed?" I replied continuing to walk and my head tilting to the floor, I'd never considered leaving my home town but it became an exciting prospect.

"Of course I can't look after you if you're not with me, you and your sister are coming with me to Manchester and on the road when we go. We need to get you trained up of course"

The conversation went on for a while as we finally found our way out the maze of the hospital halls. Who'd have thought that a hospital could been worse than a hedge maze at some rich persons country home and the signs didn't help I'm sure I read one that said "Well if you don't know, how should I know which way" or maybe that was just my over imagination kicking in. Stepping out into the cool summer breeze and the golden sunshine I couldn't help but close my eyes and take a deep breath, it was nice to finally be out and about again. While walking to the car my Uncle drove it hit me a thought I didn't consider.
"Uncle what of Elisha's schooling" I stopped in front of my Uncles black jeep as he started to climb into the driver's seat "We can't pull her out of school altogether now."

"All been taken care of kidda," He exchanged a nod with me before climbing into the oversized vehicle, wrestling obviously paid off. I climbed into the passenger seat the cream leather was warm from the sun shining through the front window but it was nice after only feeling the cold steel of the bed frame.

"Taken care of?" I questioned running my hand over the features of the vehicle in awe "How so?"

"She'll be moved to a private school in Manchester," My uncle replied starting up the engine "Christina has sorted it for me."

"Christina," I'd heard that name before but couldn't remember, I was probably only young when I heard it.

"Christina Burnside," My uncle smiled at me pulling off from the parking space "You know, Christina Burnside, My boss"

It finally clicked who she was and I felt stupid, the car journey to where I had been staying with Elisha wasn't long but still me and my uncle talked all the way back to it. The topics where mainly of my training and apparently Christina wanted to meet me to sort out contracts and technicalities. I always hated doing that kind of thing, after all I feared I'd sign my life away because of some small print but my Uncle kept assuring me Christina was a very fair boss and a great lady. I had no reason to disbelieve him at this time so I would nod and smile to him as he continued like an over excited school boy at the prospect of seeing me in the wrestling ring that he made his name and legacy. The subject in the car soon changed tone though when my father was mentioned. I hadn't seen him in over two years and it seemed neither had my Uncle. My father had neglected his own brother and more importantly his own daughters because he couldn't overcome the drinking problem he gained after mother. I had always presumed my father would come back to me fixed but that was as farfetched as my dreams of being rich enough not to worry about debts and money problems. The subject of my father soon disappeared thankfully as we pulled up outside the small house me and Elisha have been attempting to live in. I couldn't contain my happiness as the biggest smile I have ever had in a long while came over my face as I saw Elisha sat on the doorstep with two suitcases beside her, one to her left and one to her right almost as if she had made her own little fort. I got out of the vehicle and started to walk to the front door but barely made it four steps before Elisha was on my grabbing me in a tight embrace, her arms wrapped around my upper body as she was to tall for my stomach and not tall enough to place them over my shoulders. She buried her head sideways into my chest as I took a hold of the exposed side and returned the embrace. I didn't want to let her go this time but I had to. As I did however I noticed that the suitcases where gone and already in my uncles jeep. Was our embrace that long, long enough for my uncle to sneak past and steal my one suitcase of possessions and place it into the trunk of his jeep. Elisha and I didn't exchange many words as we joined our uncle in the jeep. Elisha jumped into the back seat and I remained in the passenger seat. I couldn't help but smile seeing Elisha as happy as she seemed. I think she finally feels she has a father figure in her life being with our Uncle, either that or that Manchester had top gymnastic training facilities.

As we drove along the motorway in the direction of Manchester there were many topics of conversation. I felt relaxed as I heard my Uncle speak of his plans for us. We were all going to live together and travel with his company when needed. I'd be trained up to wrestle properly, although I had been given the training my uncle wanted me to start again and he promised to train me personally. It felt good to have some attention but what felt better was seeing my sister overly excited about the whole concept of me wrestling and the both of us starting again. I continued to look out the window as we spoke when finally we passed a blue road sign which read "Welcome to Manchester". I could only mutter under my breath "Welcome home".