* * * Chris * * *

When I got out of my shock and inner thoughts, I huffed and went into my car starting the engine. I instantly made my way towards Seth's house.

Coach wanted to have a talk with us about something before class and so we were supposed to go there a few minutes earlier. This is why I was on my way to my friend's house now.

I wore my black Ray-Ban, which were on my car, so as to hide the redness that was starting to form a little above my left eye because of my crazy new housemate.

I didn't want to be the laughing stock of school if they ever found out that I was beaten by a girl, even though if that girl was the devil impersonated.

Seth was already waiting for me outside, as always, and so it didn't take my car long to be on the road again, this time with two passengers inside.

When Seth was comfortable in his seat, he turned to me but before any words escaped his mouth, he was left speechless looking at my head.

Most probably confused as to why I was wearing sun-glasses when there apparently wasn't any sun up to protect myself from yet.

After a long silence, and only when I have turned said head to look at him, did he finally speak.

"What's with the glasses? Is there a new trend that I haven't heard about?"

"What do you think?"

I looked at him with a glare from behind the shades and he flinched away in his seat.

"Well then, explain why you're wearing these when it is obviously still too early for even considering them."

I gave a sigh out of defeat and brought a hand to take the glasses off.

He was left utterly shocked with my bruised eye.

His face changed from shocked to confusion and then to understanding in a matter of seconds by the time he noticed my usual hateful glare when she was involved. Then he burst out laughing while trying to speak in between.

"You… You mean to tell… tell me that this face… this was done by Diana? Hahaha…. She hit you didn't she? Oh man, this is priceless. It seams that she has a mean punch. It must hurt badly considering how it looks. How did she manage to do it anyways?"

I ignored his laughing and words, and I just put the shades back on my eyes to hide it.

You see why I couldn't possibly show up like this at school?

Thankfully, since I put ice on it right away, it will only last a little before disappearing, and it also won't get swollen or black.

One thing is for certain though… she really does have a mean punch.

When we arrived at school and went inside, he was still laughing his head off while I was sulking as we made our way to the gym that the meeting was about to take place in a few minutes.

Coach was already in when we went there so we took a place in the crowd that had formed in front of him.

Seth's laughs had stopped since he saw that coach was about to speak, but you could still distinguish the amusement radiating off from his face in waves.

After I directed one last glare his direction, I turned and gave my full attention at coach, who finally started with this mysterious speech of his.

"Good morning wimps. I called you here today because I wanted to inform you about our training and my ideas. I had already spoken to Principal Kelly and he allowed me to go on with my plans. I have arranged, together with coach Lovington, for the basketball team and the cheerleaders to go at a camp for four days and three nights starting next Friday."

All present students started whooping but coach silenced them by continuing.

"We will go hiking and outdoors training to help us improve our teamwork. You may bring some other student with you to help you with the chores that are supposed to be meant for you, leaving you more time to train. Listen well however… the one you bring with will not, I repeat not be your servant, just your helper. If you don't want to bring anyone that's fine with me as well… Just inform me if anyone's coming because I have to rent a bus. Are there any objections?"

Silence followed that question so he clapped his hands together in satisfaction.

" ... Good. We will be leaving town right after school next Friday and we will return Monday evening. You will have to bring with you signed papers from your parents, telling me they allowed you to come. That is all wimps. You better go to your classes already, the bell has rung."

We all scattered away after coach's speech but his words were imprinted on us, or at least to me.

Who would have thought that coach would turn out to be an excuse to ditch school? Yeah, sure we were supposed to be training, but that was fun in itself.

I would just have to think of someone to bring with me since Seth was out of the question for obvious reasons.

As I was thinking those things, I was making my way towards the music room.

That's right, I had music first period and man, did I love music or what?

I even had a black and white guitar back at home and it was the only thing that went above my car in my 'favorite things-don't touch' list.

Nobody but my family and Seth knew that I played the guitar.

I liked it that way though.

My teacher had suggested once that I should play an instrument during lessons, instead of just being there to pass the class, but I refused her.

It seems that she had seen something in me but thankfully didn't say anything or push the issue any further.

Seth had Arts first period so we said our goodbyes and went our separate ways.

I made my way inside and sat on my usual seat on the back as Ms Swimmers came inside and greeted us.

She seemed kind of surprised when she noticed me inside so early because she had probably heard about the meeting, but she must have figured that it had ended earlier than programmed and so dismissed the thought.

This lesson was about chords and how to read them on a music sheet.

I already knew this stuff so I decided to turn my head and look out the window, spacing out.

I thought about a lot of things that had almost no relation to one another.

The most common things on my mind that particular moment though were about the trip next Friday and about her.

I was on the one hand happy about the trip, but I was angry about her and the situation that our parents, mostly my mother, brought us into.

Why did I have to 'date' her when we didn't even like each other? Only for me not getting any other girlfriends?

That was just ridiculous.

I thought mom knew me better than that, as to think that I would quit my day-to-day life only because I was supposed to have her.

And also, what was that about this morning?

I have never seen her as frightening as she was today in all the time I knew her.

Believe me… that said something considering we were born on the same day and so I knew her since that day on.

It also helped that our parents were best friends.

The bell rung before I knew it, and I was up from my seat in a matter of seconds…

As I was making my way lazily to the door, Ms Swimmers stopped me by grabbing my arm. I turned to her and when the scene was clear of all the students, she spoke.

"Is there something wrong Christopher?"

I winced at the name she used. I hated when the teachers called me that.

I took my hand away from her grip, which wasn't a task in itself at all may I tell you, and looked at her.

We had an understanding relationship; as though she was a third mother to me, first being my real one and second hers. I could trust her with anything… except this.

"It's nothing Miss; just having a lot on my mind with the upcoming games in basketball and all."

She looked at me with worrying and a little suspicious eyes before she sighed and looked down.

"Alright, just don't stress yourself too much…"

It seems that even though she didn't buy my almost lie; she didn't want to push me into saying anything since I didn't want to. I bowed my head respectfully and went out the door closing it behind me.

Seth was coming my way with a grin on his face that turned instantly into a frown as he studied my expression.

What was it today with everyone being able to read my feelings? Did I have a label on my forehead telling everyone that I had things on my mind?

"Chris, what's wrong?"

I sighed.

Apparently, I did have a label on my forehead, even if it was invisible to me.

Then I remembered that I had yet to tell him about hers and my mothers' decision.

I sighed again -it seems that today I was sighing a little too much- and looked at him through the glasses I still wore.

I made a motion for him to follow me and we went towards my locker.

After we arrived and I made sure that no unwanted ears were close, I told him everything.

Surprisingly, he sat quiet and heard everything I said, probably from the shock.

When I was finished though, I could almost see and hear the wheels in his head spinning and the inevitable laughter came.

I groaned and I didn't even bother to try and understand what he was saying in between. It was something about my head and making sense, or whatever.

I turned to take my books for my next class. That's when I realized that I had Maths next, and that equals with having to see her.

In every other opportunity I would have been happy because it meant that I had the opportunity to tease her, but Seth had also Math and that meant that he was going to be in there too.

Ugh… Somebody just kill me now please.

We made our way inside the classroom and as always she was already there looking pleased for some reason, and talking to her friend.

How could she have a happy and pleased expression when I was suffering?

God, I hate her.

It didn't help my upcoming scowl when I noticed Seth going ahead of me and to his usual seat two chairs to her right. The middle was left empty for me.

I had taken that seat as to further irritate her but now it didn't seem as such a good idea.

I made my way there in silence and sat down while looking straight ahead, neither left nor right, just straight ahead.