This is a true story. Some parts may not be fully accurate, or exactly word for word due to being unable to remember everything exactly because of adrenaline, or/and hypoglycemia.

This story does not start at the very beginning, due to my not being there. But it consists of a sweet little boy getting hurt for an unknown reason, if any reason at all, for a couple of years. I am the older sister, that won't stand to see my brother hurt in any way.

Part 1. The start of my involvement.

As me and my brother were walking home from school, him being in grade 8, and me being in grade 11. The school goes from grade 8 to 12. I was suffering from hypoglycemia due to my type 1 Diabetes (I was somewhere in the high 2's or low 3's, and dropping, for those of you familiar with it), so my recollection of the words used won't be exact. Some boys were running around right where we were walking, continuously shoving into us. Trying to get them away, and due to my short temper brought on by the hypoglycemia, I tried pushing one of them off of me, having enough of almost being knocked off my feet. I won't use any real names here, so let's just call him Tyler. One of the kids involved with the bullying of my little brother for the past years. He didn't like that I didn't stand there and take it. Him and his friends crossed the street. I'm not sure if anything happened between then other than him making fun of us, and my defending my brother and myself verbally. His insults continued from across the street, and so did my defending us, which of course my defense wasn't all that great due to my medical issue. We had to turn on the same street as them to get home. There was about 3 or 4 other boys with him. I can't remember who though. They surrounded us wile walking, and wouldn't let us escape the circle. Being in the circle consisted of being shoved and called names. Eventually we did get in front of the whole circle. Tyler, however, ran around me and plowed right into me. Finally having enough of this physical and mental abuse, I turned and punched him in the chest. My punches wile I have such a terrible case of hypoglycemia however, are more like little taps than anything. He continued to insult me, but luckily I could escape home and into my room to cry about the whole situation. Dreading the likely continuation of this.

Part 2. Minor, but nonetheless, troubling.

My brother and I was enjoying a nice sunny lunch. Two other kids, friends with Tyler, were there on the other side of the field. Let's call them Mike and Billy. They were watching us, and I kept my eye on them, knowing that they were up to something. Billy was one of the ones bullying my brother the past years. Mike seemed kinda dragged into this situation. Mike and Billy got up, and walked to the far side of the field, and around a hill. Out of my sight. Not too long after, they were back, sitting close behind us. Watching, talking, and snickering. Mike pulled out his phone, and appeared to be taking pictures of us. Billy shouted to us, 'Why are you watching us' in a taunting way. They threw some books, such as one of their agendas between us. After about 10 minutes of it sitting there, Mike got up to grab it, saying something about how we didn't 'take the bait'. Once the bell went, I knew that I had to walk my brother to his class. They clearly had something in mind. Sure enough, they shoved us on our way to my brothers class. Billy shoved me, and Mike shoved my brother. I shoved Billy back, to show him that I won't do nothing, and I am going to stand up for my brother and myself.

Part 3. I wasn't there to protect him.

I was going to a friends house after school, leaving my brother to walk home alone. As soon as I got home from my friends house, my brother brought me into the other room, and told me that some of them waited for him. Across the street from the school. Billy, and let's call him Bob. They shoved him around, saying stupid things such as; 'Look, a penny!' Luckily, an adult stepped in and stopped what they were doing. Bob has been the main one in all of the bullying of my brother for the past years. I won't get into those details, because they are not mine to share. This infuriated me, hearing that they waited for him. They waited. To think that they would be that dedicated to trying to make him suffer. I didn't care what it meant, but I knew that I had to get back at them somehow.

Part 4. Revenge.

Wile walking to school one morning, the anger still in me from what they did, I noticed Tyler walking to school too, just a bit behind us. We slowed down a bit, and as soon as he caught up to us, I made my move, and shoved him a couple of times. The adrenaline was coursing through me. Tyler looked very pissed off and surprised at this. He had been holding a metal lock at the time. He used all his strength and anger, and hurled the lock in my direction. Luckily, I narrowly escaped impact. The lock was sent flying to the other side of the street, and deep into someones driveway. Tyler ran after it, and not wanting to risk me or my brother getting hit by it, we ran down the street. Tyler's words rang out behind us, "Run bitches!"

Part 5. September 27, 2012. A not so lovely walk home.

(The order of events may not be fully in order, but the events are true)

As me and my brother were walking home, I noticed Tyler and his friend Mike close behind us. I knew instantly that Tyler was up to something. The adrenaline started kicking in. My thoughts were confirmed when Mike stopped at the top of the road, and Tyler said 'are you coming!?'. Mike replied with, 'oh, are we-' and they spoke quietly with each other. I heard Tyler coming closer to me. Mike kept his distance, but still followed. Sure enough, Tyler shoved me, and I shoved back. He shoved again, and I kept walking. He started taunting me, questioning my not returning it this time. Eventually, his closeness, taunts, and insults led me to push him away. Soon after, I felt Tyler kicking at my leg, as he grabbed me and tried to throw me to the ground. His attempts failed. He started running, and I instinctively reached out to try and stop him. One of my nails managed to unintentionally scratch his neck. This made him mad. He ran to the other side of me, and threw his backpack off. Mike grabbed his backpack for him. Tyler came at me again, trying to get me to the ground again using the same move as before, but with more force. It was also unsuccessful for him. He ran, and I gave him a little chase, but decided that following him in the circles that he was running in in the middle of the street, wasn't worth my time, nor was it worth hyperventilating due to breathing problems. My brother and I continued home, followed by his taunts and insults.

Part 6. September 28, 2012. The following day.

During school, just before class, I was called into the office. When I arrived, the Vice Principal wanted to speak to me. Tyler's Dad had called the school with a false story. That story was; I had attacked Tyler. I grabbed him by the neck, and lifted him up off the ground. Tyler had to kick my leg to get me to let go. Tyler hadn't known me or my brother before the events. All lies. I couldn't believe this. I started crying, and explaining what was actually going on. Due to my never getting called to the office, and never being in trouble, he took my side. The Vice Principal told me that he would call Tyler's Dad, and some of the others parents too. He dismissed me from the office. One problem though with the Vice Principal. He never listens to the full story, and then jumps to conclusions.

At lunch. My brother and I decided to go home for lunch. Since my Mom wasn't home at the time, I left a note explaining my trip to the office. It was a very good thing that I did leave that note.

After school. On our way home, we happened to be walking behind Tyler, Mike, and another friend of theirs. They would look back at us every once and a wile. They seemed to find any excuse to get slowed down. We slowed down too. My brother and I waited across the street, and waited for them to get to a point where our paths wouldn't cross before we continued home. That took a bit, considering that they were walking very slowly down the road where most of these events took place. Once we got safely home, my mom told me that Tyler's Dad stopped by, and thanks to my note, she knew enough to be caught up with what Tyler's Dad knew. He still refused to believe that his son was the one that has been doing so much. He told my mom that if Tyler was bugging my brother, that my brother should have just punched him and be done with it. Clearly he doesn't know my brother, or the situation. Tyler's Dad however, included threats to call the RCMP (The Police) if we were to touch his son. His excuse was that it would be to help his son, and my brother and I.

Part 7. Minor Details. Always watching.

They always watch us in the halls. The feeling of their glares burning into us. Always watching. A look that says, 'If only there was no one else around'. I hear the sounds of whispering to each other, as their eyes are locked on us.

Part 8. October 1st 2012. They waited.

On our way home, Tyler, Mike, Billy, and let's call him Tim, were walking in front of us. About half way down the street, they stopped. They stood there, watching. My brother and I stopped and decided to see if they would continue walking again. Three random people were walking past us, so I stopped them and asked if they would walk past them with us, and told them why. They didn't mind at all. Wile walking past the four, the three that we got to tag along told them how stupid and childish they're being. This was both good and bad. Good, because maybe it would make them think about how terrible they are. Bad, because that just makes them mad, or even satisfied that they're getting to us. Once the three went on their own way, the four were after us. My brother and I were walking fast, but so were they. They were right behind us as we turned onto our street. Luckily, they kept going straight. But they were closely watching us, contemplating whether to go after us or not.

Part 9. October 2nd 2012. Seriously.

We had a plan that would get proof of what they had been doing. I had told my boyfriend not to interfere. On the way home, Mike, Billy, and Tim were across the street of the school, waiting and telling Tyler to come on in a rushed way. Soon, they were walking on the other side of the road across from us. I noticed that my boyfriend, who I had told not to come because it would most likely ruin the plan, was walking not too far behind them. They would have recognized him, because they have seen him and I together before. Once they turned onto the road that we had to turn onto too, the one where almost everything seems to happen, they slowed down. Car after car passed by, so we couldn't cross the street. They continued on. However, Mike and Tim went their own ways. When Billy and Tyler were going to keep going straight instead of turning onto our road, Billy said that they should turn on our road instead. Wile we turned onto our road, Tyler made an insult about how I look. Once I got home, I sent my boyfriend a message asking why he did what he did. He got all annoyed and acted like he hadn't interfered. He then said something about how I apparently didn't want to see him anymore, so he would stop talking to me. This made me feel like even more crap than I was from just the bully situation. Being bullied; has a plan that would get proof of what they were doing; boyfriend interferes causing plan to fail; boyfriend gets mad at me for getting upset at this and stops talking to me. Fun.