Past, Present and Future meet to talk to a girl.

The girl is facing a difficult situation. She's struggling with academics.

The girl is starting to feel like giving up. She wanted to see the future. She thinks knowing the future will at least calm her nerves and give her certainty.

Past is taunting her, reminding her of the failure she's been through. She flunked. She failed. She didn't do well in her tests.

Now, there are two more. Tomorrow, she'll have to face two more of them.

But she's uncertain. She feels like she doesn't have what it takes to get the result she wanted.

Present is reminding her it won't take long before she has to take the exam. It awakens her to the fact that time is limited. 'Study! Study! Study even when your heart is wavering and your knees shaking.' Present tells her.

Future…doesn't utter a word. It just gives her an encouraging smile.

Future wanted to speak, but future's not allowed to speak because present is preventing him.

The girl feels like crying. But as she stopped for a while to put this in writing, a voice begins to speak inside of her.

"I know you'll do great." It says.

All of a sudden, additional messages are whirling up inside of her.

Don't give up now.

It's going to be okay.

You're going to do great.

You're going to pass.

You're going to succeed.

You're going to thank God for the tests.

Opening her eyes, she finds herself smiling.

"Tomorrow, I'll do great." She said to herself.

"Tomorrow, I'm going to do great." She declared.

"And tomorrow, I'm going to thank God for making me do great."

The moment she said it, Past stopped talking, Present is suddenly grinning, and future…is suddenly certain.


-Hayella Flavielle Louisse


7:54 pm

"Don't be afraid, little flock, for your Father has been pleased to give you the kingdom." –Luke 12:32