"Mister, do you want a fruit?" The young boy offered Fox a ripe mango. Its golden hue brightened up the dark insides of the cave. Fox took it half-heartedly. All of his chi was used while trying to force the poison out of his body, and he was tired and out of fuel. The poison used on the weapon was a violent one. It had resisted his chi when he tried to force it out. A hard struggle between Fox's chi and the poison commenced, and that left Fox weak and exhausted.

The little beggar crawled over beside Fox and started munching on his mango. Spurred by the enthusiasm that the little boy showed when he devoured his "prey", Fox took a bite into the mango too. A burst of flavor filled his mouth, and he closed his eyes to savor the sweetness.

"Show… waart are those peepwol in brak cloaks?" The young boy asked between mouthfuls of tropical fruit. It was the harvest season, and a very abundant source of fruits was available in the area. The youngster simply found a mango tree just outside of the cave, and picked a couple to fill their stomachs.

"They are called Ambassadors of Darkness." Unlike the young one, Fox ate his fruit in a more civilized manner, taking small nibbles out of the rich, golden crescent. Fox had finally gotten a clear look at the little beggar. He had clear black eyes that seemed like pools of water on his pale face. Being pretty underweight, the little beggar's limbs and body was thin, bringing about a frail look to his stature. Overall, he seemed quite good-looking, despite the smudges of dirt that blackened his face.

The little beggar wore an indifferent look on his face. "That name is pretty cool."

"Speaking of names, what is your name?" The Fox asked, curious.

"Name? I'm not sure. I think it is 'Yuuki'." The little beggar replied with a very innocent face, unaware that his statement caused Fox some extreme confusion.

"You are not sure? How is that so?" Fox raised his eyebrows in bewilderment.

"I don't know. That was what they used to call me." Yuuki replied.

"They? Who are they?" One question after another popped up in Fox's mind. Yuuki's background is getting more and more mysterious by the moment.

"They are… they. They used to live with me." Another ambiguous answer. "What about you, mister, what is your name?"

Fox was quite surprised to hear the young one ask a question back. He had thought that Yuuki would be too shy to ask him about himself. But nonetheless, Fox was about to tell Yuuki anyways.

"My name is Gokou Rai, but I would prefer you call me by my nickname, Flying Fox, or Fox for short." Fox wondered how long it had been since someone called him by his real name.

"Kitsune*!" Yuuki suddenly shouted out.

"Eh…? I guess you could call me that." Fox heaved out a sigh. He'd better stick with this nickname. Who knows what other crazy names the kid could call him. Then something passed through his mind. "Hey kid. You saved my life back then. Now you can make one request." This had been his rule. If someone had helped him in a way that would affect him greatly, Fox would then return one favor for them, as long as he is able to do it.

"One request?" Yuuki's eyes widened, and a starry glaze befell took over his eyes. "Will you teach me how to do those cool things?"

"Cool things?" Fox raised his eyebrows. "Like what?"

"Like how you were able to run so fast, and jump so high, and, and…" Yuuki's eyes shone with excitement.

Fox chuckled. His style was called "cool things". That was the first time he had heard it being called that. "You meant my style? I could teach you that." He was looking for an apprentice too.

"Yes, that." Yuuki beamed. "Please? Please? Pretty please with sugar on top?" The usual timid young boy was so excited at the idea of learning those "cool things" that he totally forgot his true self.

A small grin appeared on Fox's face. A disciple. How nice would that be? Seeing no loss in teaching Yuuki his style, Fox smiled and nodded.

—Five Years Later—

Day after day, month after month. They say time flies, but actually, it wears a jet pack. It is five years after the incident at Lumbworth, and the person nicknamed Flying Fox disappeared from the world. No one has heard from him since. As for the little beggar, no one gave a damn anyways.

(*Kitsune- Japanese for Fox… hence Yuuki calling Fox that.)