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Shino Forest

I cursed my luck.

It was another day we were going without any meat. I'd been hunting since morning but now the sun was leaving and I still couldn't find anything. Well, I guess found a few critters but squirrels had always been hard to hit, and I really wasn't interested in shooting a big deer. I would have definitely tried if I had a stronger bow and some good arrows.

The sound of quick footsteps trampling over grass and fallen twigs alerted me that I wasn't alone. I stopped walking and listened, the grip on my bow tightened.

It sounded large. Possibly a deer, a wolf maybe. I watched the surrounding area as I slowly reached over my shoulder for an arrow.

A nice breeze rolled by, rustling the leaves of the trees above. The streams of sun that invaded the dark heavy forest revealed nothing and the footsteps faded and with the sound of the wind.

I relaxed but drew an arrow anyway before continuing home.

On the way I made a stop at a tree Owen and I found a long time ago. It had a thick lighter coloured trunk and had no branches anywhere near the bottom like most others. Sun streamed down through this tree's leaves more often that any other. It was the only tree like it that I've ever seen.

Looking around to make sure there was nothing watching, and holding the bow and arrow in my right hand. I roused a power within me and a white shimmer became visible around my left hand. The familiar rush and tingling sensation around my left hand put a smile on my face just before I punched the thick trunk this tree had.

The power both protected my hand from getting hurt and made the tree shake a bit. The branches above shook much more violently and a fruit dropped down. I took the hard shelled fruit from where it dropped. Cushioning it in my right arm I conjured my power once more before giving it a hard whack. It split nice and clean down the middle. All I had to do now was twist it a bit and it will fall into two, revealing the fruit's milk and the white bitter tasting stuff.

Owen will be happy at least.

Afraid I would hurt the tree, I never hit it more than once each visit. I've tried shooting the fruit down but they are simply too high and really hard to see.

Satisfied with what I had but still depressed over my hunt, I thanked the tree and left for home.

Thinking of the footsteps I heard earlier a sudden and terrible feeling came over me as I realized who it could have been.


Unable to shake this feeling, I dropped my bow, my quiver, my pack and ran. I cursed at my cloak when it caught the wind and slowed me down, so I slipped out of that too.

Owen told me something a week ago that had been bugging me.

"Nyana, I will leave soon. I cannot stay here."

I kept running, racing to get home. I dodged around tree after tree and jumped over a fallen one. An old memory came to me as I ran. One about that stupid rock on his small desk that he has never physically touched since he placed it there.

"Damnit Damnit DAMNIT! Move stupid rock move!"

"Owen! Try calming down a bit maybe, all of that yelling is making my ears ring," Sitting on my bed, I watched him hoping that one day he would move it.

Owen stopped and turned towards me, for a split second I could see those feline oval-like eyes before his long blue hair covered them again. He was dead serious about the power he was convinced he had.

"It is not something that can wait, Nyana. I have to learn to control it or I will hurt someone again," he turned back to the rock.

I tripped over a branch but recovered. Run, run faster, I urged myself. Tears fell from my eyes.

A couple days ago Owen was attacked by the elf boys again. After I saved him, he said something then too. Why didn't I realize?

"Get him!" I heard one of the boys call out.

I looked up and witnessed four young elves chasing Owen around the trees, holding stones in their hands. I stood up and immediately started in their direction.

Owen spun around and tried to block a couple of stones that were thrown at him, I could tell at least one stone had hit him, one thrown by the skinny blond that goes by the name Elyon.

"This is perfect without his girlfriend around-"

"You want to bet?" I threw a hard running punch and smashed it right into his left cheek. He flattened out onto the ground like butter. I watched his stomach rise and fall while the others all stood shocked at what I just did. Killing him will definitely provoke some violence from the adults, but I can pretty much beat them to a pulp whenever they picked on Owen. A silent agreement I have with the Old One.

"You- you killed him!" The youngest pointed at me with a shaking finger.

I can only wish, I clenched my fists tighter, to the point it hurt. "He deserved it," I told him, and then pointed a finger right back at him. "and your next."

Frightened, he turned around running and yelling at the remaining two. "RUN! Sh- she's a monster too!"

The boy fled back towards their village, the two he left behind braved getting close and took the unconscious one with them. Owen was safe, I allowed myself to calm down.

"Nyana?" Owen asked in a soft voice.

"What?" I sounded harsher than I wanted to.

"Thank you."

"Owen!" I found our home's entrance and lifted the leaf-covered wooden door before jumping in.

I landed on my feet, bending my knees. The small lantern we had was still running, the flame was small and the corners of the room were dark; but I didn't need a bright flame to recognize there were things missing. His pack was gone, his bow and quiver were missing.

I barely remember the last time he pulled back the sting of his bow. When it came to hunting he seemed utterly helpless. He can't survive on his own.

"Damnit!" I turned to leave but stopped. Something was off.

I looked over and found that stupid rock, it was now on the ground beside the small desk where he had it, but that wasn't what surprised me. What surprised me was that the wall was pushed back far enough for a small storage space, and the desk looked like it had been crushed against the wall by some incredible force.

I shook my head, grabbed my pack from the ground and tossed it onto my bed. I packed a few clothes, grabbed a water skin and turned to the exit.

I couldn't stay here without him, nothing kept me here now. I climbed out, set the door and started running back towards where I dropped my things.

Setting down my pack I picked up my cloak and put it on. Closer to the fruit tree I found my bow and my quiver, the scattered arrows I began to pick up. I undid the strap on my quiver a bit so it could fit around my pack. Before putting it on I picked up the fruit and cleaned off any dirt. Thankfully it didn't break apart. I placed that in my pack and put on the quiver before picking up my bow.

Ready now, I turned in the direction where I heard the footsteps.

If I find out which direction he went, I should be able to find him in no time. He can't have gone far. My tears started falling again.

I shook my head, and wiped them away with the sleeve of my cloak.