Chapter 25


Yami Aphiry City

Shit, we're on the defensive side of this fight. We won't win without help. Chloe should have made that thing bigger, should have trapped us inside with her. Even though I don't think it would have lasted too long.

We blocked and only blocked the attacks heading towards us. We couldn't do anything else. We were in trouble. It didn't take long before I had let an attack through, it hit Johnithyn in the leg. He brushed it off like it was nothing. The expression on his face right now was very serious.

A wall of dirt rose, blocking our view of the attackers. Their assault continued. Johnithyn nearly fell down. It was you? Idiot! You used way too much power for that!

"Sorry Joanna. I couldn't," I sat him down, this time he really was going to fall over. I looked and his leg was in bad shape.

Damn, they're not going easy on us, we lasted quite a while out there.

"I will hold them off, please run-"

"Fuck that! We stick together no matter what! We fight together, we live together and we die together! No heroes! No sacrifi-"

I was interrupted by a sudden blast of power, completely destroying the dirt wall.

Johnithyn pulled me in and kissed me. It was a long kiss. He even blocked an attack from hitting me so he can still kiss me. He blocked a second one before pulling back and smiling. My cheeks must have been red.

"Fine, but if you die first, I will happily end my own life just to see you living and well again in the afterlife."

We both stood up. I blocked an attack as we stood. Then we waited for the dust to clear. Ready for what was next, ready to die.



Jasmine is strong. She told that story from her heart. I could never tell a story like that. Not anymore, I looked down at Owen one last time.

No way! His face was fading away, his clothes, his wings, his arms. All of him was fading away. Its… it's a…"CLONE!"


A giant power built up in front of us. I began thinking about Owen and that game we played. Should I try it?"Joanna, go through it."

"What?" I let her think about what I said. "Ok, but I will hunt you down in the afterlife if this doesn't work!"

"It will," it will have to.

The attack was released. Joanna took my hand in hers and we both conjured our fire. We made the smallest fireball compact with the rest of our powers combined. We shot it towards the large attack.

For me, the rest was in slow motion. Someone dropped down in between the two attacks. Facing the other way, this guy's tail landed on our fireball and knocked it into the ground, his huge blue dragon wings kept him upright. He let out his own attack towards the large attack that was headed towards us. His Dark blue hair flew all over the place, his dark cloak was in sync with his hair. He wasn't really big at all, it was his massive dragon wings that made him look very intimidating.

A wave hit us, took us right off our feet and knocked us into Chloe's wall of crystal. I looked over and there she was. Chloe stood beside me. What was confusing was that she had a very bright smile on her face looking towards the new someone. Tears were still rolling down her face, she looked beat and tired as if she had just stopped crying but a very happy smile had replaced all of that. Does that mean… is that? I looked over at the new someone, he turned around.

"Owen…" Chloe just stared at him. She looked like she was frozen in place.


Chloe had placed her hands on one of the walls of crystal. A portion of it just disappeared leaving her room to go through. She stood outside now, frozen, as if she had just seen a ghost.

Why? Why did she have a smile all of a sudden? Owen is right h- damn Owen that was in front of me had disappeared. What was left was a red crystal. I picked it up. Frustration, anger. What was Owen doing with this? I looked over at Chloe again.

I followed her out. I too froze.

This was not the same Owen.

He had taken a step towards Chloe.

This Owen looked as though he's been through a lot more than the other one.

Another step towards Chloe.

This was the Owen I was looking for.

He took one last step before stopping in front of her.

This was the real Owen, the one I knew before. His power feels just right.

"I am sorry Chloe. Everything I know is yours to know. I will tell you everythi-"

He was silenced. I could only be happy for him. Someone loves him for who he is.I let them have this moment. It's the least I could do for him.


I couldn't stand to hear the next few words. I turned towards the city. Five elders looked really pissed and a little shaken from Owen's attack.

"Excuse me a few seconds," Owen looked towards the elders. "This will make good practice," he turned to the elders. "Brace yourselves. Elders are much more powerful than they make you believe. I find they like toying with you," with that, the power he conjured was much more than what I would have imagined.


It's him! The real him. The feeling of his power… I thought it had changed after he came back from chasing his clones but the feeling is there. It hasn't changed, the real Owen has been missing for six years.

"I am sorry Chloe. Everything I know is yours to know. I will tell you everythi-"

I blushed, that was my first time kissing the real Owen! I blushed even more, and then I said…

"Dummy, it doesn't matter. Just don't do that again... I'm not that strong, I can't take it. I love you too much!"

"I'm not either, not anymore. I love you too Chloe, with everything I am."

He now stood in between me and the elders, his power unbelievably under control. "One time offer and I hope you say no. Let the five of us leave or the five of you will be humiliated right here and now."

Two of the elders stepped forward. Two others were ready, the fifth stayed behind. Owen stayed where he was and moved at the last second before one elder could run him through with a conjured spear. The second one followed up with a sword which Owen blocked with a wing. He swung a conjured blade of fire but the elder dodged it. Owen! The others!

The other two attacked him with ranged spells, both of them throwing basic fire attacks.

Owen blocked most attacks with his wings. "Everyone go, now! I can't let them have you!"

Jasmine was the first to respond. She grabbed me and had me follow her, away from Yami Aphiry City and into the Desert of Darkness.


Desert of Darkness

I'm out! Finally left that cursed place! Away from the elders, away from fighting. Finally I'm free!

"Hold on," one of the two behind us said. "This should be far enough. We should wai-"

"No," Chloe interrupted. "He can find us. Besides, I think Jasmine wants to get away as far as possible."

She was looking at me.

Jasmine… I guess I will be hearing my name more often now.I began suppressing my power. "Yes, let's keep going. Owen will catch up." I looked back at Chloe, thank you.

She nodded her head.

We stopped in a small village, a darkling village as Chloe explained to everyone. We all agreed to stay for the night since we were all exhausted. Still, I stayed outside, just sitting in the grass beside the tavern. I bet the beds here are soft.

*They are. Well, a little.*

I jumped. I let my power spread out a little.

*Oh, sorry for disturbing you. I couldn't help but listen. I am Chase. You must be The Hell Cat I've heard lots about.* A big black cat came out of the shadows.

My power reached him and now he was in my bubble of power. I thought his reaction was strange though. *I haven't felt that power since Artimys was around. Watch this!* He absorbed my power and one of his paws had a shimmer to it. *I haven't done this in decades.* He raised his paw and smashed the ground. The earth shook beneath us, the buildings shook too. The shimmer from his paw disappeared.

That was my power.

The cat seemed happy at my reaction. *That's not the only thing I can do. Artimys made sure every single one of us knew how to use her power to the same extent. As long as she had power, we did too. Together we could even take on Arragon, the strongest being alive, the dragon without a limit to his power. Unfortunately, despite teaming up with him, he was the end of us all, or so I thought until you showed up six years ago.*


*You are hers, I didn't realize she had a cub. She shut us all out after mating with Arragon. Though we didn't exactly know why. Tara called her 'moody'.*

Mating with Arragon? My face turned red from his choice of words. I am hers? "Artimys is my mother?"

*Arragon is your papa, Artimys is your mama and your friend right there is-* He went silent.

I turned and there stood Owen.

"I see you've met Chase. Damn cat wouldn't leave me alone after he found me about five years ago… you can understand him?"

I nodded.

"Good, because he wasn't the only one." Owen stepped aside. "Meet Pat, the smartest mutt I know and one of Artimys's closest friends."

*Hello Jasmine, it's been too long,* A white wolf stepped out of the shadows. He looked pretty worn out and really tired but also looked to be the most stubborn beings I've ever seen. The white wolf with the same big scar ran down his side, but now there was another that ran across it.

That was from then. A tear rolled down my cheek. Why do I have this feeling? I don't understand how I can feel this way for a wolf.

I ran over to him, sank to my knees and hugged him. "I'm sorry."

I felt a sudden sadness come from him. *No little kitten, I am sorry. You were hurt much, much more than I was. Are those other two dead?*

I pulled back from him and nodded.

He looked into my eyes. *I hope they got the humiliation they deserved.*

I smiled. "I tore them apart in front of everyone."

*You are very much like your mother then.* Pat turned to Owen. *And he is too much like your father. Reckless, overprotective, and good at making others think he is uncaring when really he has the biggest heart of them all. Don't let him fool you, you are his sister after all.*