If you can see my pain,

Then why are you watching me drift away.

Why aren't you trying to save me?

Is asking for help,

Too much to ask.

I want to be saved.

I want to live,

Like everyone else.


You watch from a distances,

As I fall apart.

It hurts to know,

That you would just stand there,

And do nothing.

You won't even say a word.

Not even Hi.

I thought you were a friend,

But I guess,

I must have doing something wrong.

To make you,

Keep such a long distance.


Would you really watch me fall apart?

Are you really that heartless?

My heart is breaking even more,

As you just stand there and watch.

Can't you see the tears?

That I shed.

I can't help,

But wonder why.

Why would you just stand there?

And not even try.

Are you giving up on me that easily?

I hope not,

Because I know I wouldn't.

I would be the friend,

Who saves you?

But I guess, you can't even do that for me.

Thank you,

For not being a friend.

It still hurts,

That you would do that.

But I guess,

I have to save myself.