Sex in a Box (R)

Janis and our friends Martha and Cleo had sponged the use of Saunder's cottage up at Sun Rise Lake for a long weekend. It was only early May in New England but the girls figured they could still soak up some rays and vegetate in an escape from the Green College campus for a few days.

Janis and I weren't exactly dating but we were hanging out a lot, spending time studying, sharing lunch at the dining hall, and even taking in a movie together once in a while. She was a fun girl and I enjoyed her company. We were part of a college clique of friends that included Martha (Jones), Cleo (Dempsy), Saunders, Holden, Morris, and Merriweather.

Janis (Dawkins) invited me to spend the weekend at the lake. I wasn't sure if that was an indication that maybe our friendship was about to evolve into the next step with such a gesture but I couldn't get away until late Saturday afternoon due to my work study schedule and a Saturday morning lecture that was deemed mandatory by our professor. The girls left early Friday and it started raining not long afterwards.

It was still raining on Saturday afternoon when I finally left the campus and headed north for the lake, not sure what the point was for a getaway in the rain. I had been to Sun Rise Lake a few times for a dip at the public beach and dinner at the Sun Rise Lake Inn so I was familiar with the village and the lake front.

Janis' directions were easy to follow and Saunder's cottage was simple to find, a small run down old dump nestled in the woods along the far side of the lake. I drove my car down the dirt driveway that was a stream of mud from the endless rain and I parked next to Cleo's car.

The girls were suffering from extreme boredom and cabin fever when I entered the cottage thanks to two days of non-stop rain. There were beer bottles strewn all over the place and it was clear that the trio had taken to heavy drinking when they ran out of ideas to keep themselves busy. They had already been out to dinner and gone shopping and by the time I arrived they had exhausted ideas to keep themselves occupied inside as the rain continued to fall in continuous downpours.

Janis hugged me as if we hadn't seen each other in months and the other two 'captives' welcomed my presence as a needed distraction and diversion from their situation, pumping me for information as if they had been lost in space for two years, far removed from civilization and current events.

The cottage was a dump. The girls had set up several pots on the floor where water was dripping through the leaky roof and rain was also coming in from the aged windows with the weak frames. The furniture was old and junky, the walls were damp, and there was a musty smell in the air.

"I'm surprised this place hasn't been condemned," I observed. "No wonder Saunders doesn't want to live here."

"It's his uncle's place," Janis explained. "The family really doesn't use it that much anymore."

"Who can blame them?" I joked as I glanced around the shoddy summer cottage.

"We're going fucking nuts!" Martha screamed in frustration.

I was surprised by her outburst. "Man, why didn't you just head back to campus if you're this miserable!?" I laughed, noticing how squirrelly and frigidity they were acting.

"Because anything's better than those fucking dorm rooms!" Martha announced as she took a swig from her beer bottle.

"Do you have any ideas what we can do, Provo?" Janis asked hopefully once I settled in.

I wanted to say 'Why don't we go to your room and have sex?' but I knew it wasn't the appropriate thing to say since we weren't an actual couple (yet anyway).

"Movie and popcorn?" I suggested, only semi-serious.

"No fucking television or DVD," Martha grumbled.

"The only thing electronic here is that old radio in the kitchen," Cleo sighed.

"That sucks," I replied, better understanding why they were going nuts.

I glanced at the old bookshelf in the corner and noticed the numerous board games stacked in a pile.

"We could play a game," I said.

"We already played Monopoly and Scrabble," Janis groaned.

"No way am I playing fucking Candy land," Martha announced.

"How 'bout playing 'Sex in a Box'?" I grinned as I walked over to the bookcase and retrieved Twister from the pile.

"What?" Janis laughed.

"When Milton Bradley first released this in the 1960s, their competitors called it Sex in a Box," I said, holding the Twister Box up for them to see.

"I played that game all the time as a kid," Cleo replied. "It wasn't that bad."

"Although my brother farted in my face one time," Janis recalled, making a face at the memory.

"You'd have to play Naked Twister for it to be sex in a box," Martha remarked.

"At this point, I'm ready to try anything!" Cleo laughed as she downed the rest of her beer.

I opened the box and spread out the mat on the faded and spotted old carpet covering the wood floor. Janis and Cleo took off their shoes and weighted down the corners to keep the mat flat and straight.

Martha kicked off her shoes and peeled off her socks too. "Socks make my feet slide," she explained.

"I'll be the spinner," I volunteered. "That means I'm also the referee."

Janis took a position on the mat facing Cleo who was on the opposite end. Both players put one foot on the closest yellow circle and one foot on the closest blue while Martha stood on the side lined with the red circles and placed her feet on the center red circles.

"Okay, everybody remembers how to play, right?" I asked. "I'll make the first spin and call out the color and body part that is to be moved. Everybody moves at the same time and you must go for an empty circle. If two of you go for the same circle, I'll decide who was there first. If all six circles are occupied, I re-spin. If the body part called out is already on the color that is called out, the player must move to another circle of that color."

"Okay, let's go!" Martha said impatiently.

"Keep all hands and feet on the mat," I continued. "The only time a player can lift a hand or foot is to allow another player's body part to pass through. In that case, the player must announce beforehand that they are lifting their hand or foot off the mat and they must replace it as soon as the other player has passed through."

"Okay, we got it," Martha said.

"You're eliminated if you fall down, touch the mat with any body part other than a hand or foot that is in play or give up," I explained. "We keep playing until only one player is left."

"We get it, come on, let's go!" Martha yelled.

"Aren't you going to play naked!?" I joked, remembering Cleo's earlier remark.

"You wish!" Janis laughed.

"Hey, I'm drunk enough to be game!" Cleo giggled.

The three girls exchanged questionable looks and then they glanced at me.

"I'm not getting naked in front of Provo," Janis announced.

"Ah, come on," Cleo laughed as she began to peel off her Green College sweatshirt. "Where's your sense of fun and adventure?"

"We have been bored out of our fucking skulls," Martha agreed. "And we have been drinking heavily."

At first, I thought they were just teasing and taunting me with their banter but then Cleo effortlessly and with freedom stripped out of her clothes. I was stunned that she had taken me seriously and I sat on the couch gawking at her as she was down to her bra and panties now. She didn't even look at me as she tossed aside her bra and stepped out of her panties.

"Oh My God, Dempsey!" Janis said with shock. "You do know Provo is sitting right there, right?"

"Who cares?" the now naked Cleo asked, looking at me with a grin. "You like what you see, right, Pro?"

"Sure," I laughed, amused and delighted at her willingness to break all the rules.

I was surprised that I wasn't feeling more embarrassed or uncomfortable but for some reason I was willing to welcome whatever was about to unfold before me. Cleo was a petite girl with small round breasts and neatly trimmed blonde pubic hair to go along with her shag blonde hairstyle.

"Well, two can play that game!" Marta decided as she quickly disrobed to reveal her dark black hairy muff and large almost sagging breasts.

"I can't believe you just did that, Jones!" Janis said with shock.

Martha was the starting goalie for the Green College Woman's Hockey team and I was stunned to see her 'out of uniform'! I tried not to gawk or stare at the lovely sights before me but it was hard not to appreciate (and notice) the view.

"Come on, Dawkins, you in or not?" Cleo challenged.

Janis glanced at me and sighed. "This isn't the way I pictured the weekend going," she said.

"Come on, it's just Provo," Martha said impatiently and I wasn't sure if I should be flattered or insulted.

I wasn't nervous or frightened as I waited for Janis to make a decision. If anything, I was excited and hopeful. We had gotten along well and I had fantasized about seeing her in the nude sooner or later if our relationship progressed, but not like this. I wasn't sure if it was something she was ready, comfortable, or willing to do or how I really felt about it either.

"Oh, fuck it," Janis announced and I was surprised by her sudden willingness to go along with the idea.

Janis pulled her tee shirt off over her head and her lovely round breasts were exposed to my view. She turned around and pulled down her shorts and underwear revealing her beautiful backside to me. She tossed her clothes away and then turned to face me with both hands over her crotch.

"What are you hiding under there, Dawkins?" Martha teased and Janis blushed as she dropped her hands and I saw that she was clean shaven between her legs.

"Jesus Christ," I remarked with dumbfound amazement.

"Okay, let's get the show on the road," Martha said.

I didn't know how to react, what to say, or what to do as I stared at the three naked co-eds who seemed to quickly adjust to their situation and all three began to laugh, their eyes glistening with mischievous anticipation.

"Everybody ready?" I asked.

"Don't we look ready!?" Cleo teased.

"Didn't I read somewhere about Oil Naked Twister?" Martha asked aloud.

"What?" Janis asked with surprise.

"Makes it more challenging and interesting," Martha giggled as she turned and trotted into the kitchen, allowing me to watch her full rump shake in the process.

Martha returned in a moment holding a bottle of Olive Oil in her hand.

"Oil up!" She laughed.

I sat there in quiet disbelief watching the three girls rub themselves down with the Olive Oil as if they were three boxers in training. I appreciated the scene and I felt myself getting tight in my jeans.
"Hey Prvo, could you rub some oil on us?" Cleo asked seductively.

Had I died and gone to heaven? This was a fantasy come true. I had been lucky in the past when I had one naked woman in front of me. Now I had three! They were taking swigs from their beers as they stood in a line and allowed me to rub their backs and backsides, legs and necks with the Olive Oil. Then they turned and allowed me to do the same to their fronts and I had to be careful as I worked my way down their torsos, over their breasts and especially around their thighs. All three girls were giggling and giving me amused looks. The beer obviously helped.

The look on Janis's face as she watched me rubbing her down was enough to make me crazy.

"I bet you never thought something like this would happen," Janis said with a grin, taking a long swig from her beer bottle.

"That would be a safe bet," I replied.

I wanted to get naked too as I poured more oil onto Janis's lovely torso and tits. I doubt any of those three were feeling bored now!

"So, are we actually going to play the fucking game!?" Martha asked impatiently.

"Sure, yes, let's go," I said, wiping my hands on my pants and returning to the couch where I picked up the spinner and flicked the needle.

"Left foot blue! Right foot yellow!" I announced once the three naked girls had taken their places at the mat
It didn't take long for the girls to thoroughly tangle themselves together in a laughing mess. Within two spins, they were wrapped around each other's bodies offering me interesting views of various body parts as tits hung, rumps rose, and pussy lips were opened.
"Right hand green!" I called
Cleo ran her right hand along Martha's inner thigh on her way to green. Martha laughed in return.
"Right hand yellow!" I called after the next spin.
Martha moved her right hand to caress Cleo's breasts on the way past and both girls giggled.
"Left foot blue!" I called.
Cleo made her move, sliding her leg between Janis's while Martha moved her hand straight up Cleo's leg and onto her ass.

"Left foot orange," I said, swallowing hard.
Martha brought her mouth up between Cleo's legs, caressing Cleo's pussy lips with her tongue. Cleo let out a loud squeal before collapsing onto the mat although Martha quickly moved to avoid getting her head squashed.

"I win!" Martha laughed as she lowered herself over Cleo's prone form, running her toes along Cleo's calf and feeling it twitch to her touch.

"I'm still playing!" Janis said.

"Left hand yellow!" I called out after one more spin.
"You're going down, Jones" Janis yelled.

"That's okay with me, Dawkins!" Martha giggled.

But it was Janis who lost her balance and tumbled to the mat.

"I win!" Martha yelled again, this time, jumping up and down in victory.

"You win, Jones!" Janis laughed before rolling over onto her stomach and looking at me. "Sex in a Box, huh?" She asked.

"Time to hit the showers, Dempsey!" Martha told Cleo and the two naked girls trotted from the room giggling and laughing.
I slipped off the couch and started massaging Janis's shoulders. She smiled, welcoming my touch. I ran my hand up her inner thigh, noting by the aroma that she was already quite wet.

"Are you okay with this?" I asked, uncertain of where we might go from here.

"It's not exactly the way I pictured us getting together!" She replied with a laugh.

"What do we do now?" I wondered.

"Aren't you going to get naked, Brandon?" Janis asked from where she laid sprawled on the Twister mat.

It was the first time she had called me by my given name instead of my last name (Provo) which was the tradition of our friendship group.

"Should I?" I asked hopefully.

"I can help," Janis laughed and all of a sudden she was stripping my clothes off of me while running her hands along my exposed skin.

Naked now and not caring one bit, I knelt in front of Janis who was now lying on her back and I couldn't resist the temptation in front of me so I started to massage her moistened clit.

"Oh!" She called out, surprised by my intimate touch and I felt a shudder run through her body.

It was admittedly the fastest jump start I had ever experienced in my sexual career – from playing a Twister game to fingering a girl in a matter of minutes but Janis wasn't stopping me so I continued with my fingers and she squirmed on the Twister mat.

I watched Janis shudder with anticipation of a certain orgasm which happened rather quickly and her climax spread her juices over my hand and onto the Twister mat as she moaned with satisfaction.

Janis then pushed me onto my back and I saw that my dick was waiting to be brought into the action. She slowly teased her lips over my head and I couldn't stop myself from begging out her name.

"Go ahead, Janis," I pleaded (not calling her Dawkins like usual).

Janis took my dick into her mouth, teasing me with her tongue until I couldn't take the torture. With a quick movement, I thrust myself fully into her mouth knowing that we had officially taken our friendship well beyond those perimeters. I began to tense up with certain orgasm as Janis sucked harder on my dick, blowing me with all her might and I suddenly let loose, exploding into her mouth like a bazooka.

I heard her swallowing while purring and my head was floating as I fell back on the mat with total satisfaction, contentment and happiness. Had any of this really happened?

"Come on, Provo," Janis said, grabbing my hand while she stood, pulling me to my feet.

I had been clutching the side of the Twister mat and it was still in my hand as we ran naked into the small bedroom Janis was using. It was as much of a dump as the rest of the cottage with a rickety old metal bed with squeaky bed springs, an old dresser with a missing drawer and one old wooden chair.

I always loved Twister," I heard Martha say from somewhere as we hurried down the hall. "It keeps things interesting!"

Janis fell onto the bed, pulling me down with her and we began making out with mad abandonment to solidify what had just taken place between us. The oily Twister mat had somehow fallen on the bed under us and it added to the sensation of sex. After a significant amount of foreplay, I rolled on top of Janis and with her nod I pushed my dick into her as we both continuing kissing to express our mutual agreement. After a few quick thrusts into her, I kept pushing and thrusting until I brought her to the edge of orgasm as I prepared to cum again too, releasing at the same time as Janis started screaming out in exhausted pleasure of her second orgasm.

When we were done, I rolled off of her and onto my back and I felt Janis roll on top of me. Rubbing her breasts against my chest and grinding her pussy against my crotch, she folded her two arms across the top of my chest and rested her chin on top of them.

"So," she asked with a grin. "Do you want to start dating now?"

I laughed with contentment and I felt myself getting hard again as Janis moved up my torso while squirming her oily body all over mine, her rubbing breasts slipping and sliding all over me.
She didn't stop moving until she was practically sitting on my face and she lowered herself so her pussy, soaked with olive oil and her own juices (as well as my remains), was directly over my mouth and I began to eat her out. Soon she was crying out in ecstasy and squirting more fluid in my face and in my eyes.

"Who's bored now?" I asked with a grin when Janis finally fell off of me.

"Not me!" She laughed as she turned away and I moved closer to spoon her lovely ass from behind as we lay on the oily wet twister mat, me cupping her breasts from behind. I felt myself getting hard against Janis' round and curvy rear and I squeezed her close to me.

"I wonder what other games you can play naked," I remarked.

"Any game you want!" Janis laughed.

"Naked tag, for instance," I offered.

"Naked 'One, Two, Three, Red light'," Janis volunteered as she placed her hand over mine as I played with her breasts.

"Naked Volleyball, of course," I said.

I must have fallen asleep as I listened to Janis list her litany of naked game ideas because when I awoke we were still lying on the Twister mat on the bed. Janis must have covered us with a blanket and it was dusk outside, although I could still hear the rain pattering against the roof and water drops falling into the various pots around the cottage.

Janis stirred next to me, grinding her ass into my balls.

"Are you awake?" She giggled.

"Did you ever do anything like this before?" I asked.

"I skinny dipped with a bunch of people in high school," she admitted. "But that was pretty tame compared to this!"

"This was pretty weird," I smirked. "But in a good way!"

"The Naked Twister or the sex?" She asked.

"The sex was great," I assured her. "The Naked Twister wasn't something I was anticipating."

"You're the one who started the whole thing!" She laughed, rolling over and facing me. "Was that your plan?"

I shook my head no. "I was just goofing around," I admitted. "I never thought anybody would actually go for it."

"We've been drinking for two days," Janis explained with a shrug. "We were so bored we were primed to do anything."

"Does this mean Jones and Dempsey are a couple now?" I joked

"Maybe," she giggled. "See where boredom can lead!?"

"Why did you invite me up here?" I asked.

"Aren't you glad you came?" She teased.

"What were the sleeping arrangements going to be?" I wondered.

"I was going to wait and see how that played out," she admitted. "But I think we both got the answer, right?"

"I think so!" I grinned, raising my eyebrows.

"Are you hungry?" she asked as she cuddled close to me.

"For food, you mean?" I asked.

"Yes, for food!" She laughed. "Do you want to eat something?"

Naked?" I asked hopefully.

She laughed as she tossed the blanket aside and stood, revealing her naked beauty to me once again. "Oh! To cold for that!" She screamed, grabbing the blanket from me and wrapping it around herself.

"Now I'm naked!" I protested, climbing from the bed.

"Go find your own blanket!" She laughed as she headed for the kitchen.

I pranced naked to the living room and got dressed instead and then joined Janis in the kitchen. She was still wrapped in the blanket as she prepared some sort of casserole for dinner.

"Look at this," she said, handing me a note that Cleo and Martha had left.

'Our boredom significantly addressed and our beer supply exhausted, we headed back to Green so you two lovebirds could have some privacy. Jones and Dempsey'

I grinned and tossed the note into the wastebasket.

"Is this the most improbable way you've ever started a relationship?" I asked as I took a seat at the small table and watched her work.

"Naked Twister?" She laughed. "Definitely!"

"What are we going to say when people ask how we got together?" I grinned.

"We'll have to make something up," she giggled. "You asked me out in the dining facility, maybe."

"No, we were out on the dock in the rain this afternoon and I told you how beautiful you were and we kissed for the first time in the rain."

"Instead of fucking on a Twister mat," Janis agreed. "Your story is much more romantic, ironically!"

"Okay, that's the official line then," I smiled. "On the dock in the rain.

"Instead of on Sex in a Box!" she said.

I leaned over and tugged the blanket until it fell off her, revealing her naked beauty one more time.

"Sex in the Box with you was the best thing that ever happened to me, Janis," I let her know with sincerity.

She turned to face me with a huge smile on her face. "I'm glad," she beamed before sitting in my lap, wrapping her arms around my neck and giving me a sweet kiss.