A loud slap and a roar of water and mud echoed somewhere off the road of a nearby barren highway. Down the shallow embankment lied a car, a cargo truck really, freshly planted in a body of oozing dirt-water.

From inside, the sounds of raucous laughter.

The voices of two boys rang out excitedly. The third boy, laying in the backseat of the truck, remained silent as usual.

There was a companionable smacking of shoulders between the two boys in the front seats. The driver, the oldest of the three, let out a victorious war call.

"WHOO! Oscar! Oz! We totally did it man!"

Oscar, the one in the passenger seat beside him who went by the name Oz, let out an even louder shout. A deep whooping bark that resonated from his large frame. "Another one bites the dust baby! And this is just the start SUCKAS!"

The two chortled between each other before the driver rolled down their windows and swung his sixty-dollar-sneakered feet out the side.

"Let's celebrate when we get back. We don't know who just saw that." Despite himself, he gave a chuckle a bit of nervousness maybe.

From the window, Oz gave a chuckle. "Yeah! You could throw a party with all that extra cash lying around!" He said swinging himself out after Jay whose eyes were rolling in annoyance.

A combination of a squish and a splash sound sounded off from the filthy mud-water. He looked down in disapproval. "Gross Jay! You had to pick the nastiest place to put this piece of crap truck didn't you?"

"I didn't pick it. Crystal did. I just drove the thing!" Jersey, who usually went by Jay, grimaced and peaked back at the truck. Ricky, their third musketeer, was still inside.

"Jeez!" Jay scoffed. "Could you be any slower? Get your butt out here Ricky!" We gotta get moving!"

He looked back at Oz, only to see him digging around in his cammo bag, a look of demonic glee hiding beneath his straw-colored curls.

Jay tossed him an impatient glare. "What are you doing? We gotta get outa herenow!" His head swiveled back to the truck. "Ricky, move it!"

Oz cackled. "Hold on a sec Jay. You're totally freakin' out! There's no one even here! Aha!" He finished his search, holding up a can of neon-green spray-paint triumphantly.

As soon as he saw what Oz was clutching, Jay groaned. "No… Oz! We don't have time for that!"

"Chill! There was no one even on the road when you took a nosedive! We have plenty of time." With that, Oz raced over to the side of the truck, scowling at the towering logo. It was a serene looking mountain, with fancy scripted letters pasted underneath.

Ashworth Pharmaceuticals

Jay rolled his eyes. "Fine. Do whatever, just hurry up! Ricky! What are you doing in there?" He was growing quite exasperated with his friends. Needing something to do to kill his growing nerves, he yanked out his IPhone and sent a call.

"Hello?" It was a girl's voice. Soft and sweet, laced with more hidden venom than anyone could handle.

"Hey gorgeous," he said with a smirk.

"Oh." The disdain in her voice made it obvious that he was the last person she wanted to hear from. "Jersey… Well? Are you guys done? I'm waiting at the rendezvous for you."

Jay chuckled. "Yes Crystal, the truck's buried in mud, just like you asked."

"So what are you calling me for? Get your butts down here!"

"Just to give you a status update. And I love hearing your beautiful voice."

"Ugh. Just shut up and give me this so-called status update!"

"Well," he said a bit more seriously and with a touch of irritation, "Oz is… Spray-painting the cargo truck with all sorts of obscenities and…"

Crystal cut in with disgust. "Figures."

"Yeah, and Ricky should be…" He paused, realizing that, even now, Ricky was yet to be seen. "Ricky still hasn't gotten out of the truck."

"What have you guys been doing?!" She snapped furiously.

"Holy crap!"

Crystal clutched onto the phone, alarmed. "What just happened? Jersey!"

Jay stared into the rolled-down window at his red-headed friend. His head was lolled back, completely unconscious, a trickle of red beating down from a gash on his forehead.

"He's out cold!"

"Idiots!" Crystal barked.

"Gotta go, call ya' later!" The end-call button was swiped before she could even object.

Jay scrambled desperately back into the buried truck and yanked his friend up by the armpits. "Oz!" He cried frantically, "Help me out here now!"

"Hold on dude! One more thing!"

That was the final straw. He gave a roar at his immature accomplice. "No Oz! NOW!"

Oz's face peeped around the window. "What's your problem tonight? Oh crap!" At that moment, he'd only just taken in the sight of Ricky. He immediately dropped his can of defacer and climbed inside after Jay.

Together they tugged their friend out of the metal-mammoth, the same squi-splash sound repeating when his limp body hit the ground.

They hoisted him up on Oz's back and both set running. At least, Oz tried to run.

"When the heck did this happen?" He grunted out beneath the carrot-topped deadweight.

"I don't know, let's just hurry. I don't things could get any worse tonight."

"Jay! How many times do I have to tell you not to say that! Never to say that! Every time you do, things really do get worse!"

"Oz!" He snapped. "Nothing's going to happen, not if we hurry!"

"Easy for you to say," Oz wheezed, "you're not hauling around…"

Jay stopped him with a look of dread. "Shh– Oz, what's that?"

There were sirens in the distance.