My head hurts, terribly, much more than ever. It feels like a thousand needles dropped into the back of my mind and some screaming sensation of your throat— like my body's all numb and the pain's just transferred to my head. My head, it now feels like someone's mercilessly grabbing onto it, crushing on it like it's a pillow. The core of my head was hurting the most, but I couldn't really tell, since everything was hurting altogether.

I really wonder why they call it heartache. Isn't headache a more specific and accurate way of describing how much it feels, that even if your chest hurts, your head hurts too? You were in my head, in my heart, you were everywhere to be found, everywhere I could have lost to. I wish we could go back, back to where we were. Right now, I feel an urge to scream because I don't know anymore, everything's just not the same ever since I lost you. I am missing parts of myself, because you were already part of me; these memories you've given me— given us! The word 'we' is now being dissolved into 'you' and 'I'. It seems like we're just normal individuals, strangers, who've never met or crossed paths. And it hurts just to think how easily people forget.

Though I don't think you could ever forget about us.