In the early days of the world, there were only the First Beings – Tempus(time), Tractus(space), Ventus(wind), Oceana(water), Ignis(fire), and Terra(earth). One day, Oceana brought forth the Beings known as Dragon and Phoenix - a brother and sister. Phoenix burned brightly in the morning sky and became called 'Sun', associated with everything warm and bright like her father, Ignis. Dragon, who was not like his sister who gave off her own light, absorbed what he could and would provide light to the world at night and came to be called 'Moon'. He was associated with water and everything that happened in the night.

More time passed and animals were added to the world's earth, waters, and sky. But Terra felt as if something was missing, so she and Ventus created another creature that they called Humans. After everything had been created, they were called the Seventh Born, Dragon and Phoenix being the First Born.

Of these 'Seventh Born', the First Born found a special group that took special care of the world's animals, and so bestowed upon them the ability to transform into an animal, giving them the souls of the selected animals. But there was another group who were jealous of these people and were loyal to Abyssus and Chaos, sons of Tempus and Tractus. Chaos took the skins of hunted animals and showed them how to make an oil to apply to the skins so that when they were worn, the wearer became that animal. Those chosen by Dragon and Phoenix were called 'Nevgin', while the worshipers of Abyssus and Chaos became nomads known as Skinwalkers.

The Skinwalkers were nomadic because Dragon, the guardian of the Nevgin's chosen country, would not allow them entrance, saying that their practices were a blasphemy, hunting an animal for its skin alone just so they could turn into an animal. It was at this time that Dragon acted as a wall to protect his and his sister's people while they built their country. This country was soon called Angati. To the west were other countries that had access to the sea, so the people of Angati used their rivers that ran through the heart of the capitol as a trade route.

Angati has never been at war with any of its neighbors, and any Skinwalker conflicts have been dealt with by the King, High Priest, and the Nevgin that take the form of Dragons, wolves, and bears. Thus is the history of Angati.