From Eden

I see you. You sit so close to me that if any closer I could hear your thoughts. I lose the concentration I'm supposed to have with the important matters at hand, yet I can't remember why I ever thought them so. I sit in a daze.

"What is the answer to 7B?"

You're so different from everyone else - how do you do that when we're in the same place, among the same people every day? You're so...

"... pretty."

"... Would anyone else like to try to answer 7B? You should be-"

Paying attention is all that I'm doing.

Your hand rises into the air. How keen. Your lips move and you're smiling as if all you wanted to do today was enlighten two dozen adolescents on the wonders of 7B. Oh, do enlighten me. I don't have any idea what you're saying but I like the way your lips move.

The room progresses to 7C and someone else's hand is in the air and someone else's lips are moving. They're not like yours. Yours are perfect – but wait! For a moment, for a very short, brief period of time, I saw your eyes flash in my direction, and in such a brief moment – reason to live!

A bell rings. The room leaves, but you - you're still here, though I don't know why. We sit, the only ones present, silent. Your eyes are blinking much faster than usual. I can't speak, but I think if I move a muscle the moment will end.

You turn. I can't breathe. My body becomes one with the desk and my legs are cemented the cheap tiled floor. Wide-eyed, neither of us speak, perhaps neither of us breathe. But look at those eyes! What determination! No! No, don't look away…

You stand. You walk towards me. (Who needs oxygen?)

Your brows turn inward slightly. I sense that you are afraid.

A shaking hand passes me a piece of paper. You run like your life depends upon it.

Alone now. No, not alone. You're here, in my hands, and we tremble.

I unfold our future, slowly and so carefully.

Then pause.

A shiver; a fleeting thought not to go on - that the bliss is within me.

As if I could ever stop!