A Journey to Hell and back

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Chapter One

18th August, 1942

Nathalie Fruehauf walked home from school with her two best friends, Isobel and Maria. They always walked home together, and talked about the news of the town, or the gossip that happened at school. Today though, they talked about what their parents did for a living.

"My mother is a teacher, and my father is a waiter" Isobel said, brushing her chocolate brown hair from one shoulder to another.

Maria snorted "My mother is a singer, and my father is a soldier"

Nathalie sighed, before looking around, in case anyone was near, before saying in a hushed voice "My one father…Sven works as a banker, and the other…Klaus is a commander or commandant, I forget which one he is"

Isobel and Marie both nodded, for they knew that if anyone were to find out about Nathalie's- or Nate's- father's homosexuality, she and Sven and Klaus would be sent to a concentration camp.

The girls reached the small corner shop in which they had to part their separate ways. Nate said goodbye to her friends, and walked home. As she walked, she delighted herself on the thought that she was 16 now, and what her father's had prepared for her when she got home. The balloons, the cake!

Sven, Klaus and Nate lived a quiet life, with Sven being a successful banker, and Klaus a German Commandant, the family could afford to live in an expensive house, on a quiet street Berlin. Sven and Klause said to the strangers that they were brothers, and Nate was a cousin. Nate never understood the impotence of this lie, but she knew that it would keep their family together, never- hopefully- to be split. But if anyone found out? Well, the consequences were unknown to Nate.

Nate reached the perfect house, on the perfect street along with other perfect houses in the perfect city of Berlin. She opened the polished oak door, and found that Arabelle- the family maid- and Viktoria- her personal maid and cousin- were no where to be seen- they usually waited at the door for her, and even more so that is was her birthday.

Arabelle was a tall, elderly woman- who always had her silver hair under her maid's hat. Viktoria on the other hand, was a middle-sized 21 year old with golden hair that was in a different style everyday. Before Nate left for school, it was in a single braid.

"Arabelle?" Nate shouted, that echoed throughout the six story- including the attic and basement "Viktoria? Where are you?!"

Nate walked around to find the whereabouts of her maids and fathers- although she didn't need her fathers at that particular moment in time.

"Miss Nathalie" the butler, Thomas said to her "Your father's are in the living room with some soldiers"

Nate smiled "Oh, OK, should I go there?"

"I think you should, from the way Klaus was sounding, it was urgent"

Thomas was a 17 year old English boy, whose parents were friends of Sven. When they died, Thomas was 14, Sven and Klaus let him live with them, only if he were to wait on their family. Like Viktoria, Thomas styled his hair differently each day. Today it was slightly spiked- a style Nate had never seen before.

"Very well" Nate said, before walking to the living room.

She opened the door curiously, not knowing what to expect, brushing her platinum blonde hair from her left shoulder, to her right.

"Ah, Nathalie" Sven said, rather sheepishly "Sit between me and Klaus"

Nate did so, as she was not one who disobeyed her parents.

"W-what's going on?" She asked, her ice blue eyes, looking from her fathers, to the two soldiers in the room- one old like Arabelle, and one young like Viktoria.

"Well young lady" the older, sterner looking soldier said to her crisply "We are arresting you"

Nate was taken aback, tears forming in her eyes "What?! Why?"

"Sven and Klaus Fruehauf" the younger, slightly kinder looking soldier said, looking down at his book "Are being arrested for homosexual activity, and Nathalie-Jayne Fruehauf for supporting homosexuals, and being raised by two gay men"

"What will happen to our maids and butler?" Klaus asked calmly, taking hold of Nate's hand.

The soldier consulted his book once more "Viktoria Fruehauf, Thomas Beckley and Arabelle shall be relieved of their positions, and will live here"

Sven and Klaus both nodded, turning to face the wooden door, that Nate had passed only a few minutes ago.

"Now follow us" The older soldier barked at them. The three stood and followed the soldiers, who were heading to the Town Centre of their area. Arabelle, Viktoria and Thomas all hugged Nate goodbye, and Viktoria hugged her and tearfully whispered in her ear happy birthday.

Sven, Klaus and Nate were paraded around the area in which they lived in, as traitors of Hitler. Many of the people- even her teachers- spat at Nate, and called her an unnatural child. Although, she looked like a perfect German- blonde hair- platinum blonde to be exact- and blue eyes- in which Nate had an ice blue colour.

The soldiers marched them to a T- junction, where there was a truck on either side.

"You'll be sent to Auschwitz but you'll be separated now" The older solider growled at them.

The younger one said in a kinder tone "You have five minutes to say goodbye"

"Private Keller! Don't speak to them" The older soldier said, slapping the younger soldier, who could have been no older that 18, on the back of the head.

The two soldiers walked to separate vans- Private Keller to the van that would take Nate away, and the older soldier to the one that would take Sven and Klaus.

Nate and her father's spent the first 2 minutes hugging each other.

"Look at me Nathalie" Sven said, gripping Nate by the shoulders "When this is all over, we'll meet up here, OK?"

"A-All of us?" Nate said, choking on her own tears.

"Yes, all of us"

The 5 minutes were up, and Nate was snatched from her fathers, by a female officer, and she was dragged to the truck.

"No!" Nate screamed in protest as her fathers became further and further from her "No…please"

She was sat on an uncomfortable bench and was taken to her most certain death- as the older soldier said. After some while of driving, Auschwitz came into view and Nate gasped, as she saw how many women there were. The car stopped and Nate was taken into a room, where Private Keller, the female officer and a man with scissors stood in front of her.

"Do I cut her hair?" The man asked, his scissors ready to cut her long, platinum locks off.

"No" The female officer said, with a sharp hiss in her tone "He'll want her to breed, and make the perfect race…if she'll ever come out of here of course"

Reluctantly, the man put his scissors on the tray, and handed Nate some clothes that looked like pyjamas, "Put them on"

Nate was lead into yet another room, and put the pyjamas on and handed her clothes to the female officer, before she was lead into the courtyard.

The female officer shouted something, and all the women and girls stood in groups.

"Right" She said, glaring at Nate "Go to the third group of girls, you're in Hut 3"

Nate walked to the group that had the number 3 stitched to their right sleeve, unnoticed to her, Nate already had it on. She followed as her group went into Hut 3.

Sven and Klaus were lead into a room, similar to the one that Nate was in, but they had their hair cut, and were both placed into the same pyjamas. Yet, as Sven was leaving, Klaus was kept behind.

"Oh Commandant Fruehauf" The older solider smiled with satisfaction "I am going to enjoy doing this, any….last words?"

Klaus stared at the man, before saying in a way that could described as a growl "Leave Nathalie alone"

The soldier smiled before pulling the trigger to his gun- that was on Klaus' right temple- and saying "I can't make any promises"


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