King Henry VIII was a contented man. He was alone once again, but he knew that like all the times before, the situation would soon be remedied. Already he had his eye on Katherine Parr, who would soon be a widow again. He knew that Katherine had a lover, but Henry knew how to take care of that minor inconvenience. He chuckled to himself, reflecting upon how easy it would surely be.

The anger flared again briefly, but was just as quickly gone. Henry still had a very difficult time believing that she'd actually had the gall to be unfaithful to him, the King of England. Just because she'd been young and beautiful, had she actually thought that it naturally followed that she could do exactly as she pleased? Apparently, it had. But no matter now. She'd paid the price, all right. The ultimate price. They both had.

Satisfied with himself, Henry was settling back to enjoy some lute music when he heard a strange noise. Curious, he arose to investigate, and what he found made him gasp with shock and horror.

Both their heads had been reattached to their necks, but the lines where they had each been severed remained thick masses of congealed black blood, and blood had flowed copiously down both their bodies, where it had rotted and turned black. Their skin was shriveled and green, their eyes covered with a thick yellowish film, staring blankly ahead. The dirt in which they'd been buried still clung to their clothing. They strode slowly but purposefully toward Henry.

Henry frantically grabbed a sword and plunged it first into Thomas' body, then into Katherine's. More blackened blood flowed from the wounds, but still the beings advanced, undeterred.

"You can't kill us." Thomas' voice was throaty, raspy.

"We're already dead." Katherine's was almost like the tinkling of a tiny bell.

"Come with us to Tower Green." Thomas grasped Henry's shoulder in a powerful grip.

"We want you to come to Tower Green," they chanted together as they dragged Henry along.

"Let's see how long you can keep your head." They continued to chant as they led Henry out into the cool, crisp night air.

"I'm going to keep my head for a long, long time!" Adrenaline flowed through the King's body as he struggled desperately to wrench free from the grasp of his tormentors. With surprising strength, Thomas held Henry's neck in place on the block while Katherine lifted the axe.

The last thing Henry ever heard was their hideous laughter as the axe fell.