Please someone wake me up,

When there's no smoke in my eyes;

When my words of opulence tremble;

When summer savagely dies.


Someone take my hand,

When the sunlight isn't so raw;

When the stars cease to be constellations;

When autumn has waged its war.


Someone open my eyes,

When the bitter ink turns to lead;

When the eye dreams up the images;

When it's a violet ocean in my head.


Someone bring me to life,

When there's a moonlit highway through the trees;

When the poison is crisp in the apple;

When the earth sullies my knees.


Please no-one wake me up,

While ghosts swirl in their saltwater sea;

While the moon still savours its slumber;

While I drown in sobriety.


No-one take my hand,

While iridescence invades the night;

While the stars still whisper legends;

While fire is fluid and bright.


No-one open my eyes,

While the dripping blackness stakes its claim;

While the words create their galaxies;

While the canvas decays in its frame.


No-one bring me to life

While the claws of shadows remain indomitable;

While sweetness still clings to memory;

While all remains inevitable.

I'm interested to know how people interpret this one... I don't know if it'll mean to you what it does to me, but let me know your thoughts!

Eleantris. :)