Life in 50 years' time?

Rose's frail hand rose up to drawback the filthy curtains, she peered outside using the cracks in the boarded up windows. She was not to be seen. Rain was streaming down from the clouds above; it was like a waterfall pouring out from the heavens. Clouds were now turning a dirty murky ebony colour; it was not a pretty sight but then again she was the only one who could see it for its true beauty. When things were 'normal' Rose would often stare into the clouds on a hot summer's day and daydream about having a family or lots of money but now she stares at the clouds and sees them as a portal to freedom. She would often imagine what it would be like to escape the hell hole she now lived in and just fly away to another planet leaving Earth. Earth is known as the only planet which can provide for mankind but when she had seen what was outside, Earth was providing for billions of walking dead creatures. She was the only human left. But she heard a small voice in her head saying maybe just maybe you'll find someone, Maybe just maybe somebody will find you. She thought maybe is just a word… it doesn't mean anything.

Rose was wondering if she should relocate herself, it had been 3 days now and she was still stuck in her home; she went to the door, as she was wondering if they were still walking the streets but one already knew she was there, it was standing on her front porch. Rose had made eye contact with a horrifically decayed cadaver leaning against the door. There was no escape now, its lips were swollen and cracked and had dirty brown drool was dribbling down on its blood stained top. One eye was dangling from the tendon against the cheek, while the other stayed in .the socket, rolling around and rather loose. It knew she was in there. Rose did something she would very much regret; she banged on the door hoping that it would scare it away, how wrong she was. It attracted more of them; one by one they appeared out of the smallest places: under cars, from trees even rising from the ground. As the bodies physically deteriorated, the dead seemed to be becoming more alert and controlled. She had to get out. She had to get out or she would become one of them in an instant. Her home had turned into a prison. She had to get out or that minute that would be the end of her life. Rose grabbed what little she could find: tins of food and drink all the essentials she needed to survive. But she found a necklace, a necklace that wouldn't help her to survive but it was something that made her feel human, after all humans needed some good memories even if it was going to be the end of man-kind.

Rose pressed the necklace into her hand; the ornate gold chain was hanging down inbetween her index and middle fingers. The pendant that lay in her hand was encrusted with deep blood red Rubies and sparkling Diamonds; many of them were surrounding a heart design that was in the middle of the pendant with swirls spiralling off the deep shimmering gold that created the design. She knew how this piece of jewellery looked and what it felt like off by heart. She could draw it with her eyes shut. Inch by inch, stone by stone and line by line.

It was the only thing that reminded her of her mum. She looked longingly into the necklace it reminded her of all the cherished memories they had together. Good and bad. Rose's mum had always told her it was going to be ok, not anymore, nobody could tell her now, only her memories. Rose quickly planted the necklace around her neck using her small, nimble fingers to do the catch up at the back. Securing the piece on her. Always.

Instantly she was reminded of the first time her mum had placed it on her 10 years ago, even though it was a decade ago Rose could still remember the exact day, second by second as if it were yesterday. A tear ran down her flushed cheek remembering her sad but happy past.

Rose had been rummaging around in her mums white draw and had come across the piece in a pink, be-ribboned, velvet box. Instantly Rose's jaw dropped as she saw it and held it up to the window to let the natural light shine through the valuable stones. She had clutched it in her small, vunerable hands, ran to her mum and showed her the treasure she had discovered. Her mum told Rose to turn around and placed it onto her small neck. From that day on she never let it out of her sight.

It was the only thing she had left of her mum now that she was no longer with her. It reminded her of her mum's short but sweet life.

As it was already late, Rose decided to stay at her home for one more night and leave in the early hours of the morning. But she didn't sleep. Every unexpected movement caused her to freeze and every sudden sound made her pulsating heart miss another beat. Even the mere rustling of the wind through the trees and bushes outside and the cracks and groans of the old house around her was no longer just an innocent background noise. Instead they had become whispering warnings, a constant reminder of the unspeakable horror which now surrounded her and dodged Rose's every move.

The inevitability of sleep took over and she had a heart-breaking dream, her powerful mind took over for a mere 4 hours and reminded Rose of her life before the world collapsed. It was a memory from 12 years ago she had just been 11; Rose and her mother were together, icy air was whistling around her ears, causing Roses skin to tingle and sting. Their Fingers and toes were numb but it was a good feeling. Snug inside her many layers of clothes; nothing could spoil the overwhelming feeling of Rose being taken back to childhood with her mother. Every footstep they took together left fresh, crisp footprints in the snow, as if they were the only people to have ever been there. Snowflakes were falling gently from the sky, tickling the end of Roses nose and tempting her to stick out my tongue and have a taste.

It was these things a young, vulnerable child could do and get away with.

The branches of the trees bowed with the heavy load they are carrying, bending towards the floor. If only they could shake themselves like a dog covered in water; they would be free. Houses looked like works of art, with their beautiful undisturbed snowy roofs. Aerials and chimneys become sculptures, taking on new forms.

There used to be a sense of serenity in the atmosphere… Not anymore.

By Chloe.K