Chapter 2

They dived into the ocean, the world seeming to freeze around them. Then Gaia pointed towards the sun, indicating which way the strip of beach she had suggested was. They began swimming in that direction, but the sun was beginning to set, and the final rays of the sun made it terribly hard to see. The mutant sea animals hadn't forgotten them, and after completely devouring The Clubhouse, were soon catching up to them. Julia witnessed a large wooden support from The Clubhouse fall right in front of her, and she swam under it, but was now trying desperately to catch up to Gaia and Skye, who'd gone ahead of her. She swam forward, but a giant shark came right in front of her. It dove at her while another came from the side, but she ducked underwater just in time and floundered forward. Meanwhile, Gaia and Skye noticed that Julia was missing.

"Where's Julia?!" Gaia screamed, flanking frantically around, looking for her.

Skye stopped too, and looked around. The sun's rays limited their line of sight, which worried them even more. Just then, Gaia noticed something underwater. It was small, too small to be Julia, but it was coming closer to them, and there were more!

"Move!" Gaia cried, and swam out of the way.

Skye didn't react fast enough, and was bit in the ankle by a rabid fish.

"OUCH!" Skye screamed, and shook the fish off of her leg.

Gaia and Skye saw her blood fall into the ocean, and other animals were quickly picking up the scent.

"We got to go!" Gaia cried, and started swimming, Skye not far behind.

Meanwhile, Julia had been driven in the other direction, back towards Island 6. But she was no noticing that many of the mutant sea life were retreating, she reached the shore, believing she was one the small strip of beach Gaia mentioned. That was, until she saw the buildings of Island 6. There was one Agent, the one watching Justin, and he spotted her immediately. Julia ran towards the town, hoping to lose him there. The Agent chased her through the town, mostly abandoned crumbling buildings. Most of the residents actually lived in separate houses from the town, since it was actually a relic of better times. Julia ran through the crumbling streets, hoping to lose him, but he kept pursuing her. He eventually cornered her in an alleyway. Julia noticed a door hidden by a dumpster, and dove through it. The wood easily collapsed under her weight, and she saw that it used to be a shop of some sort. She went behind the counter, searching for a weapon she could possible use. All she could find were a couple of bottles of some sort of colored syrup. The label, long since faded away could only provide the words "Flavored Syrup". It would have to do, Julia realized, as the Agent came through the door. She threw one of the bottles at him, splashing the green liquid all over his crisp suit. It provided enough time for her to escape through the back door, the other bottle still in her hand. She made her way through the streets, but the man was still after her. Her legs were growing sore, and she was getting tired. She found her way back to the beach. She quickly glanced at the bottle in her hand. It had the word "Soda" just barely visible on the label, and she noticed that as she had been running with it, it had begun to fizz up. She remembered the time that she'd seen someone drink soda in an old book, and she also remembered how the character had his hand covered in fizz after opening it. What it she tried the same thing? She stopped on the beach, but the man kept charging after her. She grabbed the cap on the soda bottle and ripped it open. The brown liquid sprayed everywhere, but mostly in the direction of the Agent. When the soda emptied out, she threw the bottle at him and continued running, and ran straight into another Agent. The Agent grabbed her hands and handcuffed her.

"That's the last one." The Agent reported into his headset.

They have Gaia and Skye too, Julia thought. Maybe they could escape again, they'll surely find another way. The Agents dragged her along the beach, to where their helicopter was parked. There, Gaia, Skye, and Justin were waiting for them. They were all loaded into the helicopter, the door slid close, and they were off. Justin, the only one not handcuffed, looked at the three girls, who were whispering among themselves. They surely resented him now for not helping them, but what could he do? With his free hands, he took out the issue of Captain America that he'd snuck in his pocket, and he asked himself,

"It couldn't be that bad, could it?".