Misss. take.

A word to soften the blow.

A supple, soft, snakelike word, mistake.
a soft hiss, a sharp bite.
Sinuously curving
hiding its fangs until its too late.
you never saw it coming.

Malevolent, misery, misguided, mistress, mistake.

Mistake. That dot floating away from its rightful place above the I, towards the curvy s, the skinny t

No, this was no mistake. I've made mistakes.
oops I walked into the wrong bathroom mistakes,
I didn't realize this shirt was see-through mistakes.
mistakes you laugh off.

I've made mistakes on who to let in
and mistakes on who to close out.
missed-my-monthly mistakes, round cheeks and tiny fingered-mistakes.
mistakes that hurt, mistakes you learn from.

But this was no mistake. I wont shake this one off, I have nothing to learn.
mistakes are unintentional, if you had known the outcome you wouldn't have done what you did.
I knew what I was doing was wrong and I didn't stop.
and now. I'd do it all over again. We all make mistakes.