I felt like writing a story revolving around Bronx and Izz's little sister, Aisha but she's five years old but allowed to live with her brothers and their human friends, but befriends a lonely human kid but likes being in the human world.

I hope that Monkeyfist1234 and Rooz like.

It was an normal day in Psammeadis but in the castle that belonged to the Rulers of Psammeadis, a young five year old silver grey furred Psammead female was bored and lonely, as her mother had kept her inside the castle.

She wanted to go to the human world, like her big brothers but sometimes snuck off using her powers that was growing stronger with every passing day, as she sighed but wanted to have a human friend like them.

But her fifth birthday had just passed, meaning she could go to the human world, as she saw her father enter but told her she could go to the human world, but she opened a portal, as her Psammeadis magic emitted.

It created a portal leading to Earth, as she went through but Morgaine saw the portal close but knew that Bronx and Izz would take good care of her, in the human world.

izz was snacking on cookies in the kitchen of the Robert's house, as David and Leah weren't there but Carley was in her room taking an nap, as her head hurt but he heard laughter, as he saw Aisha appear hugging him, as he smiled.

"Does Mom know, you're here?" Izz asked.

The young silver grey furred Psammead female nodded, explaining as they were having cookies and milk, but Bronx smiled seeing Aisha was here, as their parents had told him she was coming to live with them.

"where's Carley, and Leah?" she asked.

"Leah's at college, but Carley's asleep." Bronx told her.

They were having fun, like jumping on the couch, as Leah returned home but smiled seeing that Aisha was staying with them but she was going to sleep in the guest room, but Izz would turn it into a room that Aisha would like.

"I'm gonna fix dinner, okay?" she said as Izz nodded.

He was going upstairs to check on his Queen, as Aisha followed him upstairs, but saw a Brave poster on the door, as the silver grey furred True King of Aria entered the room he shared with his Queen.

He then saw her beginning to stir, as her eyes fluttered open, as she smiled seeing Aisha and Izz hug her.

"You feeling better, Your Highness?" Izz asked.

"Yeah, I feel better.

So, Aisha's staying with us?" she asked him.

He nodded in reply, as they were playing, but Aisha was liking it.

She liked both Carley and Leah, as they were cool for big kids but smelt that dinner was almost ready, but Bronx called for Izz to set the table, but Aisha was playing with Yuri's old dolls as they were cute.

"How do you like being here, Aisha?" Carley asked.

"It's a lot of fun, being here.

Back home, I don't have many friends." she told her.

She understood, as she knew the Psammead female was gonna enjoy being here.