Here's more of the story, but hope you guys like.

It's Aisha's first night in the human world, and can't sleep but her brothers will help her, but the next day is also a snow day, meaning fun will ensue.

Aisha was getting ready for bed, as it was eight in the evening, but Izz had used his Wishing Star Psammeadis magic to turn the guest room into a room she would like, as the silver grey furred female Psammead youngster liked it.

She then climbed into bed, but saw her brothers come in, as they were telling stories, as they loved doing it with their human friends and Arian partners but were laughing, even Bronx which made Izz smile.

He saw Aisha yawn, as she was trying to stay up, as Bronx left the room.

"I'm not tired, like a big kid." she protested.

Izz smiled, at how cute his sister was being, but knew she was a little anxious to sleep by herself, but had an idea, as he turned on the night light.

"You need your rest, Aisha.

So you can have fun, in the morning." he told her.

She nodded hugging him, as he left the room, but understyood as he cared about her, but knew the first night sleeping away from home was scary.

He then joined his Queen in their room, as she was reading the new Guardians of Childhood book aloud and was happy seeing him, as she hugged him.

"How's Aisha, Izzard?

I heard you guys laughing, and having fun." she asked.

"Yeah, as we were telling stories, and making her sleepy." he said yawning.

She decided to stop, for now, as she was getting tired, but took her glasses off, along with turning off the lamp, but Izz lay awake, as she was out like a light.

He heard whimpering from Aisha's room, as he left to check it out, but entered his sister's room, seeing that Aisha couldn't sleep.

"It's okay, sweetie.

I'm here.

Can't sleep, huh?" he said as she nodded.

"Yes, plus I don't like the dark." Aisha replied.

The silver grey furred male Psammead understood, as he was the same, but climbed into bed beside her, as she was feeling safe to sleep yawning, as their snail like eyes closed in sleep.

The next morning, when Izz and his quirky family woke, the town was covered in snow, making him excited, as Aisha wondered what the white stuff on the ground was.

"It's snow, Aisha, but very fun." he said excitedly.

The silver grey furred Psammead female was curious, but just as excited, as Izz slid down the banister, as she did the same laughing, as Bronx glared at Izz.

"She's gonna end up, like you.

Mom would freak, at that!" he said.

Aisha then saw Izz's bat like ears droop in sadness, but he put on his purple and black hoodie as Aisha put on a purple one as they left the house and entered the woods.

Aisha's snail like eyes widened, as the snow and ice covering the forest made it look beauitful as Izz laughed showing her how to make snowballs, as they were having a snowball fight, but saw a young girl on a swing, as Aisha's Wish Crystal appeared glowing, as Izz smiled.

It meant that girl would bond with Aisha and become her human friend, but he would tell her about it later, as he was hungry since they hadn't had breakfast yet.

He was sneezing a lot, returning to the house as Aisha laughed, but his head hurt and he felt terrible but wanted to have fun in the snow.