It's About to Go Down

A club on the east side of Downtown is bouncing with kicking bass. The pounding of a club remix to some popular dubstep song is roaring muffled throughout the streets of Kang. The inside of the club is huge with an entrance hall that glows with purple and red lights pointing at a sign that says Bei-Shou: Club and Bar. Going up one of the two curved, lit up staircases to a door that leads to the balcony area, the top down view of the dance-floor is seen. The dance-floor is going insane, and the bar is pushing drinks like no tomorrow. The DJ rinses while laying down some sick tweaks. Behind him is a huge, five thousand inch, epilepsy inducing flat screen lighting up the whole place.

Up in the corner of the huge room, there is a glass wall looking into a private crib as big as a penthouse. Sitting on a chair is a slender looking Chino in a suit looking like Shang Tsung sipping on a drink. Dude started stroking his Fu Manchu while giving a sketchy smirk. All of the sudden, the glass explodes and falls on the dance floor while two ninjas with guns started killing people. The Chinese guy was dead. The Scratcher took off his phones slowly and looked up at the massacre…and kept the track rolling.

As the intro to the obvious dubstep remix to some popular song nears its drop, the DJ vaults over his table. He lands an exploder kick on a one of the ninja's back as the bass drops hard. From a kip up to a spin, the Jockey chops the second ninja's neck, paralyzing it, then catches a side fist hammer crush on his head while it's falling, crushing his skull. One down, one to go. As the number comes to only its second chorus, the DJ booked it towards the last ninja who just got up, kicked the gun out of its hand, and while still packing air, he grips both sides of the ninja's head with his ankles, triple lux's, and snaps his neck all the way around.

People are screaming and running while some are recording and "OH!"-ing at how the Kung Fu DJ just bofo'd the mystery ninjas. The Jockey books it out of the club from the back door and climbs up a ladder in an alley to a roof. He looks down at the lot in front of Bei-Shou and saw the flood of po-po cars lighting up Kang like the Fourth of July. He didn't say anything out loud, but he knew that it was about to go down.