When I think of breaking up

My chest hurts

When I think of marrying you

I am uncertain

When I think of how much I love you

I smile

When I think how much you have grown

It touches my heart

When I think of you

I feel pain and love

The pain of possibly hurting you

The love grown over the months

But I question myself

The distance has been a strain

I have doubts

I am lost

I am afraid

Are we meant to be together forever?

Or are we just a passing experience?

Will you make me fully complete?

Am I your true mate?

Are you mine?

When I think of the possibilities

I feel like crying


Breaking things



I am getting crazy over my feelings

Over you

Over me

Over us

When I think

I feel like a mess

I feel confused

When I think

I start to wonder

About our past

About our present

About our future

When I think

I think of you and me

And all the possibilities

When I think