This isn't the eternity I desired.
Sprays of dancing water embracing me,
Dancing under the starry sky.
It isn't the reality I'm allowed to live in.

I want to be in your arms,
I don't feel like being alone.
Fantasy mix in with reality,
Making an endless night for me.

I desire dawn, the night isn't welcome.
Not without you, not alone.
An eternity with you is my deepest wish.
Why am I alone tonight?

Fantasy embraces me, allowing me to live.
The starry sky is lit for you and me,
For me alone it's a deep, dark hole.
I want to live in a reality made with you.

This eternity isn't what I asked for,
My desire was to be with you all along.
I never wanted to sleep alone,
Under a starry sky, only seen with you.