I remember you stood alone in the corner of the room.
I remember you swallowed some air like a tortured goldfish
As I approached. I remember noting your eyes were so black
They lacked temperature, focus, life. For that reason you struck me.
For reasons we know now, later, you took me
By the hand. You talked all night, your teeth glinting, diluting my thoughts.
Of all the boys I'd ever known, from that moment I thought
You were the bestest.

You looked at my naked face and I saw
That the concave mirrors in your eyes absorbed the light and
Glowed maroon. Devil's eyes, maybe. Maybe that was what you became
When you were warmed up out of your black ice.

You listened to my words so keenly I was sure
They liquefied and formed a honeyed crust upon my upper lip when they dried.
And soon enough the words that shivered
Through your big soft lips
Were brittle with love.

A/N: First love :) Lemme know what'cha thinkin'!