Oh, god, I'm really not wanting to write this chapter. But, it's the end. The finale of Bastion and Bryan.

Bastion let his nosiness get the best of him. He was standing of Bryan's shoulder, reading the words on the computer screen.

"Oh, I remember that! Honestly, the second after we got engaged, I just wanted celebration sex and a shower, and I was going to get it, hell or highwater." Bastion said it with his typical attitude, and Bryan smiled, not looking back at his fiancé. The word still rang fresh in his head, and every day that he woke up and saw the ring on his finger, he couldn't stop the imminent smile that draped his lips. "Are you officially done with it?" Bastion asked, wrapping his arms around Bryan's neck from behind, kissing the jaw of his lover as he did. He was never able to stop giving affection towards Bryan, even if the other didn't necessarily want it.

"I think I am. It took forever, but, yeah, I think I'm done with this," Bryan said slowly, looking at the blinking insertion point on the screen, reading over what he had typed. Not everything was exactly what was said, but all of the actions in it were precise, and for the most part, all the diction was close. He may have added in a few more curse words to Talia's dialogue, still holding a secret grudge towards her. Looking back at his lover with a gentle smile, Bryan adjusted himself in his seat and pulled Bastion into his lap. "Would you like to read it sometime?"

Bastion's grin spread, that light in his eye sparking. "Of course! It's like a little sneak-peek into your mind. I want to see if there was anything goin' on between you and Eli, too," he added, narrowing his eyes at the elder mockingly. Despite moving into a whole other world, the boys continued hanging out with their typical group of friends, usually on Fridays or Saturdays, but never at their original apartment. It was always at Eli's apartment or Quinn's home, and nobody ever questioned it.

"I already told you my exact thoughts of Eli," Bryan shot back, then stuck his tongue out, which received a bite from Bastion. "Quit it, dork! That hurt. Now you don't get to read it." Bryan knew that would make the wizard behave, knowing his little tricks and what set him off.

"Oh, c'mon! That isn't fair, Bry-Bry. I've been dying to read this for months now. I'll behave, I swear." Bastion pouted, trying to make his eyes bigger, knowing full and well that it killed Bryan.

"On one condition. You have to finally tell me how old you are, and in your actual years, not human years. Is that fair enough?" For over a year, Bryan had been trying to figure out Bastion's real age. Despite them living in Donatier and having regular dinners with Seanen and others who had always known Bastion, none of them would tell his real age. He figured once they had gotten engaged, Bastion would tell him, but it never happened. Now that he had an advantage, he couldn't not use it.

Bastion sighed and leaned his head against Bryan's, blowing a strand of hair out of his face. "I don't think that's very fair. It's a game with you, and I like it."

"Too bad. If you want to read our manuscripts, then you're going to have to give me some kind of payment, which is your actual age." The elder thought it was fair.

Groaning and puffing out his chest, Bastion dramatically rolled his eyes, still letting Bryan know that he was only clowning around. "Fine. I'm twenty-two. Just twenty-two. No one-hundred and twenty-two, no twenty-two plus forty years." Bastion's voice was laced with amusement, knowing that when it clicked in Bryan's head, he was going to get into trouble. He was never able to pass up some type of mischief, though.

Bryan blinked, trying to stop himself from giving Bastion an incredulous look, but it failed. He stared at the boy in his lap, opening and closing his mouth, trying to make sense of it. "Y….You're really….This entire time, you've been twenty-two?"

"Well, not the entire time. I really did turn twenty-two in November, and before that, I was obviously twenty-one. I couldn't resist playing with you, though, baby." He kissed Bryan hard on the mouth, hopeful that it would calm him down, and when he felt the human's mouth loosen up and open some, he knew it had worked. "I'll probably remain the way I look now forever, though. There's potion that I have to drink twice a year to maintain my health and appearance as it is now, making me almost ageless." His teeth bit down on Bryan's bottom lip. "Actually, I was going to ask you if you wanted to drink it with me and get in the habit of it so you can stay this way forever, too. Or, you can live a normal human life."

Bryan stared at Bastion, an amused look on his face now. "I'm getting married to a wizard who still turns into a cat to play with Aster, moved to a whole other world, and am surrounded by magic on a daily basis. I think that whole 'normal human' thing is completely out of the question."

"Good, because I kind of wanted you to take it so we can spend more time with each other. Who better to keep around for a few centuries than your weird fiancé?" Bastion suggested, getting off of Bryan's lap and stretching out his back.

"Husband, soon," Bryan corrected, eyeing the calendar at his desk. In two weeks, they were heading back to St. Augustine to have the wedding ceremony, then going back to Donatier to have their license signed and have their honeymoon. There were still plenty of places in Donatier that Bryan had wanted to explore, and he knew Bastion would be more than happy to escort him around.

"Your mother is going to absolutely hate this," Bastion said, finding Aster beneath the bed and swiping him up. The cat had adjusted to the two story brick home, the very one Bastion had taken Bryan to after their stay in the hospital. He enjoyed all of the room he had to play, and one of the spare bedrooms had been turned into half an office, while the other half was meant for the feline's entertainment. Bastion made sure that there were the best toys around for their pet.

"I don't care what she thinks, honestly. Everyone else is going to be there to support us, and that's what matters." His mom wasn't going to ruin this for them, and he and his dad had warned her to keep her opinions to herself. Even though moms were supposed to help their kid with their wedding, Bryan's mom didn't get the memo, and the wedding planning had been left to Carly, Lacy, and Terry, all of which were more than thrilled to be a part of the marriage process.

Bastion strode back over to Bryan, Aster in his arms, somehow still able to be held, despite the weight he had put on in the past few months. He rarely went a day without having two cans of cat food, another sign of Bastion being far too happy with his pet. "Exactly. I don't want to jinx it, but there's nothing that could ruin our day. It's going to be so much fun, I think. It's smaller than some weddings, but it's lovely." He poked his finger into Aster's stomach, receiving a meow from the large cat.

Their guest list, albeit small, had all of the people that they wanted, some Bryan had only recently met. There were going to be about eighty people, and that was more than enough for them. A lot were those who worked with Bryan or were his regular customers at the bookstore, others were some of Bastion's best friends and people in the counsel, and there was even a special appearance from Seanen and his wife, though they knew nobody would recognize them in the human world, which they preferred.

The ceremony was going to take place near one of the distributaries by the Fountain of Youth Park, which Bastion absolutely adored since he had apparently been wanting an outside wedding his whole life. It was going to be basic, both boys wearing tuxedos, Bastion wanting to wear a top hat because it was "classy". Their after party was arranged in a ballroom of one of the local hotels, one Bryan had picked out because he especially loved the archaic style of it. Both of them got what they wanted, but, like they had been saying for six months now, as long as they got to be with each other at the end of the day, they were happy.

"Oh, so, I didn't tell you," Bastion said, releasing Aster after tickling his stomach for a few minutes more. Bryan spun in his chair to look at his wizard, smirking when he saw the childish gleam in his eyes. "Florrie and I went and got some coffee today, and I finally told her about my promise to Seanen and Maeve, about the whole kid thing. Um, Florence said that she could find someone for us, actually, and possibly set up an interview next month to see if we'd like her. I mean, we don't have to have a kid quiet yet, but, ya know, planning is pretty great." Nervously, Bastion scratched the back of his neck, looking at the floor, lip pulled into his mouth.

Bryan pursed his lips, then folded his hands into his lap. He hadn't really put much more thought into kids, but he knew it was inevitable. "Yeah, we can at least make sure that she's not going to try to steal the kid after she has it," he chuckled, now standing and covering the distance between him and Bastion. Bastion gasped at the thought, but Bryan kissed him to reassure him that nothing like that would happen. "Don't worry. I trust Florence. She did help you make my ring, after all." He fingered the ring, smiling inward when he felt the cool metal.

"You're right. I'm just scared. Like, our lives are going at a thousand miles per hour, and I want a chance to be able to soak it all in and relax," Bastion confessed, intertwining his fingers with Bryan's. "But, I have you, and I love you."

Placing a kiss on Bastion's cheek, Bryan gleamed. "I love you too, cutie. I'm gonna go get dinner started, though, and you can go ahead and start reading. Don't spend all night reading, though, because I want to cuddle with you and have to go to bed early. I have that job interview in the morning at the bookshop." Regardless of Bastion telling him that he didn't need to get a job, Bryan hated having nothing to do, thus the memoirs he wrote when he got bored. It would feel normal working in another bookstore, too, and the idea made Bryan kind of happy. Everything was making him feel this way, though, and as he headed downstairs towards the kitchen, he felt the ring on his finger, knowing that the man who gave it to him made him the happiest he had ever felt, and could ever feel.