Overrated Love

Your only one

And a thousand more,

Here we go again...

We look down at our feet

And murmur incoherences;

And all the while

We're screaming our lungs out

Inside our heads.

Why are you doing this?

Why do you have to be

So freaking complicated?

You don't love me as much as you claim,

You love your sense of security more

Than this daring heart.

It's easier for me to hear that

Than your lame excuses

And your senseless explanations.

Don't give me no reasons,

Though reason's what

I'm trying to hammer into your head.

Don't accuse me of being influenced by others,

I know you enough to judge you for myself.

You tell me this is what's best for you,

For me, for both of us,

But deep inside you know that I know

That this is only going to benefit yourself.

Stop playing the victim,

I won't buy your sweet sacrifice,

You can leave me now,

Go on and break my heart,

But tell me no lies,

So I'll know

What lies in the hearts of men

Is something more than just

Some thoughtless scheming.

Yes, I know,

I've heard them too.

Wouldn't it be nice if it were true?

I figure you're tired of hearing the same.

That we belong to each other,

That we smile wider,

We sing louder,

When we're together.

It's true.

I know you know,

When you smile with stars in your eyes

And speak like the waves

Rocking to and fro on the shore;

I know you know

When you let me jump on you

And you spin me around;

When you laugh like thunder

And I answer like the rain

Falling strong and sweetly on the grass.

But now that we're apart,

You lack the courage to face it,

To face the distance,

Face your fears,

And take the risk

For me, for us,

For both of our hearts,

While I struggle here alone.

They won't miss the tears

We never showed them.

And so, here I am,

Walking fast,

The music's loud against my ears,

Our song over and over again,

The park, the streets, the road,

It's all a blur out of the corner of my eye.

The world spins faster,

One blink, one silent tear,

And I struggle here

For the sake of something more,

For a proper ending

For this overrated love.