As I learned of a horrible accident

My heart clammed up

No light entered

Only darkness engulfed my being

All around me rain poured down

But everywhere I looked; everyone was full of sunshine and rainbows

I put my coat and sunglasses on

I was invisible now

I wonder aimlessly through the darkness

Nobody even looked at me

Nobody looked for me

I was alone in my world

My heart is now pure black

I spit in everyone's direction

I despise everyone

I am now a snake

On my belly I begin to slither;

I begin to grow legs;

My head changes;

I'm now the ultimate creature;

The blackest creature known through out the world

My fire razes the world

I destroyed my home

I am now empty

Nothing left to do

I see a light

He pierces my black heart

I then burst

My wish by this knight's blade was made