Day 2 of my 31 Days of Poetry. This is close to my heart. Perhaps in another poem I will tell you the story. R&R please.

A Promise for Light

What can you rely on when it all fades?

When all you see is darkness,

where do you turn?

The light fades, and the darkness persists

So where should she turn?

She can go neither left nor right,

for to stray off the path would plunge her into turmoil

Back she then tries, only to find herself surrounded by darkness

Lost more now then ever before,

what can she do?

"Give up" they say.

Give up... is what she cannot do

Try as she might, all her efforts go to waste

Further and further she goes

Deeper and deeper,

darker and darker,

until there is no hope left

A voice calls out, but is lost within the darkness

Louder it cries until she hears and lifts her head

Struggling to hear she follows

A promise it keeps repeating

She follows until light surrounds her,

but still the darkness looms near

"It won't come back," the voice says

How can it be so sure?

"I never break a promise."

Just like that, the darkness fades to nothingness

All there is now is light... and love

Love for the voice that saved her

Love for the man who said those words