My life is a lie.

I can't be open like everyone else.

I'm buried inside of myself.

I'm in a hole so deep, I can't get out.

I'll be buried alive in my own lies.

I torture others to compensate.

That one kid,

That one girl,

she's so open,

she's so free,

Why does she have to flaunt her abilities in my face?

I push her into lockers,

I call her rotten names.

I think she deserves it.

One day she corners me,

Asks me what my problem is.

I pretend to be uncomfortable.

I can't admit myself to her.

She can't know how I feel about her.

I don't want to.

She'll laugh.

She asks why I'm so mean to her.

She tells me I'm making her depressed.

I apologize.

I realize what I'm doing.

She'll never love me now.

I decide to tell her.

I say it.

Her mouth drops open.

She then slaps me.

It hurts like an open wound.

She tells me that I now feel her pain.

She walks away.

I am forever alone.

No one will ever love me.

I am hopeless.