One day you'll wake up and notice I'm gone

For tonight I went for the good

Whileyou are killing the time

Many problems lay in the way

Like what?


One is the reason

Two is the lie

Three is the pattern

Four is the light

We await the confusion

Because you act as if nothing is wrong...

So what... are you one to fly with the creatures that always burn up in the flames?

Or are you the one to sing with the creatures that make up the rules of the game?

I wont get hung up,

strung up on the reasons why

If you knew me better,

dear you would change your mind

leave it all behind

Show you actually love someone

Maybe to explain what is your reasoning

Tell your favorite color,

What is your sign?

Your basic sense of style

Then who could win your heart?

Not taken lightly

Is this another useless thing?

Don't blow it off like everything else...

Don't forsaken me

It seems you would

That breaks a heart

Do you care?