I'm really not sure about what to say about this one. This is my first attempt at romance and drama so please be gentle with me. This is my second try at adventure, my other try is still being worked on so yeah as you might have guessed I like adventure stories.

Basil Hagen is a name I've used in previous works, usually for school assignments. The characters aren't meant to be the same and I basically just keep using it as a common name.

So without further wait, I present to you the first part of my twenty-eight chapter long story.

One Big Happy Family

Three people walk along the sidewalk that day in 1924. The oldest of them was a grandmother. With gray hair and green eyes, she was as old a woman as she was as cruel a crone. Not all women were cruel and not all old women could be considered crones but she could have been the Goddess of Witchcraft reborn because of how cruel and how crone like she was. Her name was Pamela Hagen, widow of Preston Hagen the stage actor.

Behind her were her two grandsons: Basil Hagen and Preston Russell. They both had squared jaws, fingers and muscles features that the male members of the family always had, the top of their heads were also flat not rounded like some other peoples. They had inherited their grandfather's grey eyes, something that all of Preston Hagen and Pamela's descendants had.

Basil himself was a boy of fifteen. With brown hair that he had inherited from both parents and tanned skin that he had inherited from his Greek-Italian mother, his appearance was quite different from his cousin's. Basil was lean and quick, having the same build as his father and grandfather. His face had been disfigured in car accident it had a skull-like appearance, covered in burn scars and was missing his right eyebrow. He dressed like any other boy and was noted for wearing a bright red flat cap that differentiated himself from others who wore plaid flat caps.

Preston Russell was blonde haired, paled skinned, had a build somewhere between muscular and overweight and was handsome faced. He was a man of twenty who dressed in a bright blue suit and wore a fedora of the same color. There was nothing much to say of him other than he was his grandmother's henchman.

"You must not associate with Jews and blacks, Basil, it simply is not done." Basil shook his head at his grandmother's words. His grandfather never had prejudiced thought in his head and couldn't believe he had married so prejudiced a woman. "Your defense of race mixing is as disturbing as the murders of Jack the Ripper." Basil couldn't remember ever having a hateful thought about his grandmother but now one was starting to form. "We are living during the reign of George V, defense of such evils should not be allowed."

"So says Hecate." Pamela and Preston Russell both turned to look at Basil. "Or would you prefer to be called by Trivia?" Pamela hit her younger grandson with the back of her, she hit like a mule, whined like one too!

"Watch your mouth, Basil Preston Hagen!" Basil started to rub his cheek. Preston Russell only grinned happily at seeing his younger cousin in pain.

"Ooh, Basil Preston Hagen!" Russell was too happy. He enjoyed seeing Basil in pain simply because he enjoyed seeing anyone who wasn't him in pain. Basil just looked at his cousin with unsympathetic eyes.

"Shut up you fat tub of lard!" Russell grabbed Basil by the throat and pulled him forward. The murderous look in his eyes just told Basil how much of a bastard his cousin was.

"My body mass is only two percent fat!" He then proceeded to squeeze his fingers around Basil's throat. "And have I ever told you that I'm the proud owner of three hundred and fifty pounds of muscle?" This was true. Russell lifted weights for thirty minutes a day, powerlifted and ate whatever he wanted. He could be a mob enforcer if he wanted to but was perfectly happy with being his grandmother's brainless but perfectly willing henchman.

"You boys settle down!" Russell removed his hands from Basil's throat and started to back away until he was at the edge of the sidewalk. "Basil, we are not southerners, there should not be fighting inside our family."

"Grandma, why the sudden hostility to southerners?" Basil starred at group of people walking down the street. "Is it because of that Taylor family that has recently moved here?"

"They are not German-Irish, thus they are not true white people!" Basil shook his head at his grandmother's response.

"Your petty prejudices never cease." Basil walked away from his family into a bookstore. Russell starred at the bookstore. The amount of things he could do but what should he do? Russell then looked at his grandmother.

"You want me to slit his throat when he's asleep?" Pamela looked at her grandson with a thoughtful look on her face. She then continued walking down the sidewalk. Russell followed her she was his grandmother the one he obeyed.

Basil picked up a copy of the news Burroughs novel: "Tarzan and the Ant-Men." To get out of this city was a dream of his! Reading tales of adventure were his way of getting away from this place.

"Sorry, Basil, but we don't have 'Antony and Cleopatra' in stock." Basil looked over at an older black man. "You sure your grandmother won't be angry if she sees us talking? You know how she is about black people?"

"Heath, my grandmother comes from a family with strong white supremacy beliefs, given the amount of black friends my Grandpa Preston had it's a wonder those two ever got married." Heath laughed. "What?"

"I know, don't forget I'm the one who told you that!" Heath picked up a copy of 'Othello.' "I've always enjoyed this one and it's not just because the hero is black." Basil shook his head. "Word is that your 'illustrious' grandmother and 'prestigious' cousins will be at the museum for the opening of the new wing." Basil started looking at a copy of 'Titus Andronicus.'

"Yeah, what about it?"

"Just that the Taylor's are going to be there too!" Basil turned his head to look at Heath. The mentioning of the Taylor's caught his interest. He didn't know that much about them and wondered why his grandmother really hated them. The reason that they weren't German-Irish was stupid and unlikely since she herself had not been born German-Irish, her married name was German-Irish but she herself was English.

"Their from Texas from one thing, their not Canadians like us."

"Yeah, I figured that out when you said they were from Texas."

"They're from the upper class!" Now that caught Basil's attention. Basil was currently of the upper class but that was only because of how successful his father's books had been. "Mr. and Mrs. got a divorce. The husband was mean, a real horrible one!"

"What do you mean?" Basil could not imagine how mean or horrible someone could be to split a marriage apart.

"Take a whip to a family member mean!" Basil's eyes widened and his jaw dropped in shock. Heath just smiled and nodded. "Yes." He whispered. "Anyway the wife is real bipolar and she-"

"Huh?" Basil didn't understand what Heath meant.

"It means she keeps switching between depressed and manic." Basil nodded only half understanding. "Both of them are bigots, anyway wife takes their kids and comes here."

So, Grandma Pamela was threatened by the new bigot in town! Basil would be appearing at the opening of the new wing of the museum just to see how well his grandmother and cousins would handle some new bigots. Not everyone in his family were bigots just his grandmother and cousins. Basil was a good person, the only good person in his family, all the others had died suspicious deaths.