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The Dream

A funeral urn that symbol of mourning since time immemorial. That was all Basil saw. Was it his father's or his grandfather's? He did not know.

Then the urn turned into an Egyptian sarcophagus, that of King Tut. The sarcophagus opened and Basil was sucked into it.

The sarcophagus had been like a door, a door to a room in the Hagen household. The room was far more nightmarish than Basil had ever previously imagined.

"You did what I asked?" That was Pamela Hagen's voice but Basil's grandmother was nowhere in sight. What was going on here?

"Of course! I visit Uncle Cassius regularly and poison his medicine!" That voice was Russell's! Was this all what Basil thought of his cousin and grandmother? Or was it something else? "Now, I just have to wonder what kind of mother would want her son dead?"

"Cassius is not the kind of person I wanted him to be." Basil grabbed a chair. He hated the sound of his grandmother's voice right now. If this were a dream then he'd forget all of this once he regained consciousness. That is how dreams worked… but Basil would remember a bit of this dream that was more than a dream. "Anyone in my family who has not become the person I wanted them to be must die."

"Your will shall be done!" With Russell's response, Basil hurled the chair at a window. When the glass broke, Basil was sucked out of the room as if there was a hurricane!

He fell, for a long time Basil fell through darkness. His father killed by Russell and his grandmother? Had they killed his grandfather, aunts and uncles and even arranged for the car accident that took his mother's life?

It just didn't seem possible! He knew how his grandmother was but to go that far? She wasn't the Goddess of Witchcraft reborn, she was something far worse!