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Bed Sheet Wearing Cowards

Basil and Heath sat in a café with one of Basil's Jewish friends Mason Adler. Mason was older than Basil by about a year. With black hair and brown eyes, Mason had as lean a body as Basil did unlike Heath who had started to put on a bit of weight in the legs. Mason had a run in with Russell at one point resulting in a broken nose.

"Southerners?" Mason starred at Basil and Heath. "Heath, I'm surprised you're not feeling vengeful towards the Taylor's." Heath laughed causing a confused look to appear on the face of Mason.

"Mason, Basil's grandfather the great stage actor once said that good and evil are everywhere but to find the good you must be willing to look for it!" Basil smiled at the mention of his grandfather's words of wisdom. Preston Hagen's wisdom had come from his interpretations of Shakespeare's plays.

"What good are the wise words of a dead man?" Mason had two brothers and a sister. Out of his four siblings, Mason was the only one who was ignorant. Preston Hagen's wise words that Heath had just spoken did not just apply to groups but to individuals as well. There was good and veil in everyone but there were some cases where the good had either killed the evil or the evil had killed the good leaving the individual entirely good or entirely evil. "All southerners are nothing more but bed sheet wearing cowards!" Heath shook his head and took a sip of the coffee that Mason was paying for.

"Mason, if I went out for the blood of every group of people that were, uh, unfriendly towards black people I wouldn't have that many friends." Upon hearing this, Mason poured his tea into a nearby plant. Why couldn't everyone agree with him? "And neither will you if you remain unsympathetic to anyone who belongs to a group of people that has been unsympathetic to Jewish people in the past!"

"Always nice to spend time with both of you." The sarcasm in Basil's voice caused both Heath and Mason to look down in shame. Every time these three were spending time together Mason and Heath always ending up having a disagreement of this kind. It was a real annoyance for Basil who only wished that for once these two could for once not have these arguments. "So, Mason, what do you know about the Taylor's?"

"Only that they're bigots!" Heath started to shake his head. Mason was saying what he had said about an hour ago. "I met two of Taylor boys yesterday Lonnie and Antonio! Their as bad as your cousin."

"I find that hard to believe!" Basil took a bite out of his brownie. He chewed then swallowed. "Preston practically has most of the evils in Pandora's box in him."

"Oh, which ones?" Basil and Mason both looked at Heath. What kind of a question was that? He had met Russell! He knew what he was like! "There was a lot of evils in that box, I'd like to know which ones so I don't keep thinking all of them." Basil and Mason both nodded in understanding.

"Anger, pride, deception, defamation, fear, fixation, betrayal, hatred, rage, envy, misery and insanity." In truth all of Basil's cousins seemed like they had some of the evils from Pandora's box in them. Russell's sister Peyton seemed to have been the very embodiment of gluttony and sloth. The sisters Lucille and Ruby Kelly, who were also cousins of Basil and Russell, were also like this. Lucille seemed to be the very embodiment of greed and selfishness while Ruby seemed to be the very embodiment of lust and vanity. Ironically, Basil seemed to have a lot of the one blessing of Pandora's box in him: hope.

"Ah!" Heath started nodding.

"The third one I hear is a girl! She must be all three of your female cousin's combined!" Mason flinched in pain when without warning Heath hit him on the back of the head with a free hand. "What was that for?"

"Mason, Basil got the bandages off his face just last week and upon seeing him his girlfriend broke up with him! Show some sensitivity before mentioning girls!" Mason's eyes then brightened up and Heath hid his face in the palm of his left hand. Mason just wasn't listening.

"Hey! My dad was looking at the guest list of that wing opening thing at the museum tonight and your old girlfriend Virginia West is going to be there with her family, you can win her back!" Basil looked down. This was not Mason's smartest moment. Heath gave a sigh. "What?"

"Mason, Virginia broke up with Basil because of his disfigurement, she's shallow as a puddle, there is no way he can win her back." Basil stood up and left the café. It was a good thing that Mason was paying.

Basil walked to the cathedral. He had always gone there whenever he was feeling frustrated. He didn't go there to talk to a priest or anything but to a part of the architecture.

Up on the balcony was a gargoyle in the likeness of an owl. Basil had named it Behemoth and it was to this gargoyle Basil always talked to when he was going through a tough time. Basil stood next to Behemoth looking down at the cars below, talking to him as he did.

"Why was I not made of stone like you?" Basil turned his head to look at one of the gargoyle's talons. "It would probably been better, I wouldn't be feeling the pain I am now." Basil placed a hand over his heart and his other hand on his cheek. "You'll never have to go through the tragedy of losing your parents." Basil looked back down at the cars driving down the street. "First dad dies of a heart attack in January, then mom dies in the car crash that…" Basil placed his other hand on his face and started to close his eyes but ultimately didn't. "Or how about when Virginia saw my face she laughed at me, called me the ugliest thing she ever saw and then broke up with me… this just isn't my year." Basil let out a sigh. "And these Taylor's just keep sounding worse from what I hear about them, clearly Grandma Pamela isn't too thrilled about the new bigots in town." Basil looked at the gargoyle's carved face. "Dad's gone, Mom's gone, Grandpa Preston's gone, my one specific cousin is becoming more likely to kill me because I was our grandpa's favorite there is no way this can get any worse!"

"There will be no smoking of that pipe in here!"

"I'm a policeman, I can smoke were I want!" Basil walked back into the cathedral and saw police captain Gavin Walter arguing with the reverend. Basil looked at his watch. He had to get home to change into his clothes for the opening of the new wing of the museum. Basil walked down the stairs, listening to Walter arguing with the reverend all the way.

"You listen here you brutish pretender to the law!"

"Shut your mouth you pious vulture!" The sound of fist hitting face was heard and Basil realized that Walter was the puncher. Basil turned around and starred in shock at the police captain. "I enforce the law, I make the law I am the law!" Basil then turned around and started walking towards the door again. If only a hand had not landed on Basil's shoulder. He turned his head and saw the hand of Walter. "I thought I put all of you dumbass kids hanging around here in the hospital, what are you doing here?" Walter turned Basil around and upon seeing the boy's disfigured face burst into laughing. "Oh my god!" Walter continued to laugh. "The Hagen boy!" Still Walter laughed. "I read about what happened to you in the newspaper! If only I was the one who did this to you, that would have been glorious!" Walter held up a fist and was about to punch Basil but ultimately didn't. "Another time." Walter let go of Basil and pushed him into a bench. "Now get out of here before I change my mind."

Basil stood up and ran from the cathedral. Walter's mentioning of another time just caused him to worry. If he were to encounter the police captain again it would probably be more painful.

When Basil returned home he saw his cousin, Ruby Kelly, waiting for him. She was the same age as Basil, older by a few months, golden haired, blue eyed basically Aphrodite-like in appearance. She was beautiful but only because of how vain she was! She had a sexual attraction to both genders and regularly was in bed with her sister or Russell's sister Peyton. She was always calm and a lot had to be done for her to be angry. Ruby had rather large breasts that always jiggled rather distractingly and in an out-of-control manner whenever she walked, thus the reason why she was never let out of the house. Another thing to note was that she was always thinking about whom she would sleep with the coming night. She had slept with Russell, Peyton, Lucille, her grandmother, several of the servants, it was disturbing especially since Basil's room was right next to hers. Make it worse she dressed in skimpy clothing and was clearly from the waist up nude, even though no one could see that part of her body, making her as Basil put it "a completely evil seductress in both appearance and personality."

"I thought people like you were extinct!" What a bitch! Basil couldn't believe that she was the most popular of the female residents of the house the servants all loved her! Basil didn't need to wonder why, her room was right next to his.

"Well, some of us still have standards and do believe follow the ten commandments specifically 'thou shalt not commit adultery.'" Basil walked past Ruby. He heard Ruby give an annoyed sigh and walked away. Hopefully, that would be all he'd see of her for a while.

When Basil walked into his room, he closed the door and placed a chair against it. That would keep Ruby out, it always did. For Russell he'd have to push a desk in front of it but Russell was getting ready for opening of the new wing of the museum too so Basil had nothing to worry about.